Furry Siblings

My furry sibling, Gypsy has really changed since we’ve moved. She doesn’t destroy the entire house everyday while mum is at work. Although she slips once in a while. Yesterday, mum was home sick and she had just opened a new box tissues. While mum slept, Gypsy decided to decorate Continue reading

Well Adjusted Dogs

Well Adjusted Dogs

As you know, mum, Gypsy and I moved to a new state.  We drove for hours and stayed in an apartment for one month until our new home was finished.  We finally moved into our new home and mum started her new job a couple of days later.  I could sense that mum was worried about leaving us alone while she was at work.  Mum had a dog walker stop by at noon every day to take us out.  We really like our new sitter.  She takes us to her house and we get to play with other dogs.  It’s lots of fun.  I like to watch from the couch but Gypsy loves to wrestle with the others.  It’s been a month since moving into our new home.  I believe we are all well adjusted.  We are all happy especially mum.  We love our trips to the beaches together especially when we stop at Starbucks for puppacinos.  Here are a few pics of my happy fam!

Simba’s 10th Birthday

My 10th birthday was spent in the backyard while a bunch of men took our furniture out of the house.  After they stole all our furniture, mum put me and Gypsy in the car.  We each had a little space to sit in.  It seems that she tried to save some boxes, our food, and Gypsy and my favorite beds.  The rest of my

birthday was spent in the car driving to what mum said was “New home”.  When we got to ‘new home’, there was my birthday present from mum.  A brand new squeaky alligator.  Gypsy and I played with it for a long time until mum went to sleep.  The next day, mum took us to the biggest bathtub I have ever seen.  It was gigantic! I couldn’t see the other end.  Mum put her feet in the water and called me and Gypsy over but no way!  We know what that is, BATH!  We found these

big round toys that mum called horseshoe crabs.  We cautiously sniffed them out.  Gypsy was braver and tried to pick one up.  Mum wouldn’t let her play with the horseshoe toys.  I guess they must belong to other dogs.  I was a great birthday weekend!

Puppy Sister Took My Spot

Puppy Sister Took My Spot

First night home for Gypsy and it was time for bed.  I laid on mum’s left side as I alwayspuppy sleeping do.  I like to stretch out right up against her under the covers and my head on my pillow.  Mum has her pillow and I have my own pillow.  This is how I have been falling asleep for eight years.  Last night, my puppy sister wanted my spot!  Mum would pick her up and lay her on the other side of her.  I would get all comfy under the blanket and suddenly boom!   Continue reading

Puppies Misbehave

Puppies Misbehave

by Simba

GSP sisters

My puppy sister has been a handful.  I don’t know how mum has patience for her.  When she was smaller I taught her how to play with my toys.  I would bring one over to her and wiggle it over her face until she’d grab it.  Then I’d pull but she’d let go.  It took a few days to teach her the game of tug of war.  It was actually lots of fun for me to drag her around the entire living room.  She liked being dragged and learned to pull back too.  I warned her not to rip my toys because mum sends then to the hospital and they’re there for GSP dogsa long time.  With time, I felt myself get weaker and playing like this sometimes hurt.  I couldn’t drag her around the living room anymore.  Sometimes, my neck and mouth would get sore.  Mum said there wasn’t anything wrong with me, Gypsy was getting bigger and stronger.  Suddenly I noticed that mum was right.  Gypsy is as tall as I am.  I’m still a faster runner, ha!  She started to pull so hard that she dog toysstarted to rip my toys.  I would stop and tell her mum would send it to the hospital to get fixed, but she wouldn’t loosen her grip.  She thinks she can actually win.  This is what happens when you don’t play nice, injured toys laying all over the place.  Mum would pick them up shaking her head saying, “Oh no, Gypsy.  Play nice.”  At first, Gypsy would try to pull them out of mum’s hands as she picked them up.  Mum says Gypsy is real smart but I think she seems to be a little slow sometimes. The morning the toys came back from the hospital, they looked all better.  But this is what mum found when she came that afternoon.

more dog toysMum looked so disappointed.  Her voice was louder this time as she said “No Gypsy, this is not okay.”  Gypsy still tried to take them from her hand again.  Jeez, are you kidding?  She doesn’t understand human or canine talk.  Where is she from?  The toys took a while to come back this time, so Gypsy found new toys every time mum was gone for a while.  Every time mum would get home and find proof of Gyspy play sessions, her voice would get louder and angrier.

Then one day, I think Gypsy finally got it.  Because when mum walked in and exclaimed “Oh no!” Gypsy ran to her crate and didn’t come out until mum finished cleaning up and softened her voice.  Maybe, she does have some brains in that hard head of hers. Mum says she’s just a puppy and she’ll learn. When? Who knows!

Puppy’s First Christmas

Puppy’s First Christmas

This Christmas I had to teach Gypsy many things.  This must be this puppy’s firstPUPPY'S CHRISTMAS Christmas.  She was really good about not playing with the ornaments on the tree. However, about a week before Christmas she came home from the woof doctor with a funny looking cone thing on her head.  In her defense, she would forget about the cone when running past the tree and the cone would knock off the bottom ornaments.  She did pull my human sister’s gift out from under the tree.  I explained that was not hers; her gifts are in the stockings hanging from the fireplace.  She is still too short to feel the stockings for presents but she watched me as I poked each one and pointed out which ones were ours.  On Christmas Eve we got to open our presents one by

one.  Mum would give Gypsy her present to unwrap and then she would give me mine.  As soon as Gypsy saw mum hand me my present, she would drop her wrapped present and run over to take my wrapped present away.  Mum chased her around trying to get it back but that made Gypsy run faster.  I would open my present and then go over to show Gypsy how to unwrap hers.  Gypsy was more interested in playing with all the great toys that I had already unwrapped than unwrapping her presents.  I love unwrapping presents so I unwrapped them for her.  We spent the next hour playing tug-o-war with all our Christmas presents.  Having a little sister isn’t so bad sometimes.


Puppy Training Begins

Puppy Training Begins

Mum is training Gypsy how to poo and pee outside.  I don’t think Gypsy gets the idea yet.  Mum got home from work yesterday and quickly let Gypsy out of her crate.  Then ran to the back door which is about ten feet away from the crate.  Before mum got the door open, Gypsy had found a nice spot to pee on the brand new rug.  Mum was not happy but had an understanding look on her face.  Today when she got home, she opened the crate and carried Gypsy out the door.  It was an exciting moment when Gypsy peed outside.  Mum clapped and celebrated like it was such a big deal.  She gave her a little tiny treat.  I don’t understand why she never celebrates like that when I pee outside.   We were outside for a while.  Beingmum's luv such a good girl, I peed and pood  out in the yard.  Mum and I played catch for a while.  Gypsy doesn’t like to play catch.  I think she’s lazy because she stands by mum and waits until I get close enough to chase me,  As she’s chasing me she’s jumping at me trying to get the ball out of my mouth.  What a cheater!  Mum said she is just a confused pup!  We all went in excited to get our treat.  Mum locked the back door and turned around and started gasping!  Gypsy was pooing on the brand new rug.  Kind of funny if you ask me.  definitely a confused pup.

A New Puppy

A New Puppy


Car ride home

Mummy brought me home a  new puppy.  She says it’s a little sister but I still think it looks like a puppy.  Mum drove 16 hours to bring Gypsy home.  Gypsy’s human dad could not afford to feed her and her brothers and sisters. Gypsy is half German Shorthair Pointer and half Tree Walker Coonhound.  She is 10 weeks old and had not visited the puppy doctor yet.  Mum took her in first thing to for her check up and vaccines.  Mum says we need to start training her.  Gypsy and I still are not sure of each other.  She seems a little shy or scared and runs away from me when I want to play.

Gypsypuppy Gypsy puppy



RIP Lucky

RIP Lucky


My feline brother past this morning.  It was a very sad time.  My human sister was sitting on the floor crying.  She loved him very much.  They were together for 18 years.  Mum ran back and forth between Lucky and my human sister.  I wanted to help make her feel better but mum pushed me out of the way and hugged her tight with tears rolling down both their faces.  I dedicate this poem to my human sister.

SCN_0048When tomorrow starts without meLucky's favorite pillow

Don’t think we’re far apart

For every time you think of me

I’m right here inside your heart.

Unknown author


My human brother wrote his own poem too with the hope to help make her feel better.

Human brother with Lucky

Lucky Sir Lucky had quite a lucky life

Our arrival at the pet pick-up was greeted with delight

He came home with a family but first had a stop

At the hospital where Zoe was given a shot

Onward bound and onward home

Where many adventures await

He was never alone

For his companions stayed near

And then came a new friend

Who is it, let me see

And out of the gloom appeared Nala

Who Lucky hissed at to show that he was angry

Over time they grew close

Lucky biting Nala’s neck

Trying to get through her fur coat

With Nala rolling her eyes saying “what in the heck”

Lucky’s a traveler!

From coast to coast

He puts on his sunglasses

Grabs his martini and coat

Off on the plane, he went to live with pops

Decided Utah wasn’t his thing

And called a new shot

To return to the East

To finally defeat

His old friend, his old foe, the beast

Only when he arrived

A tear met his eye

Nala was not there

Nala was not in sight

But Lucky had Zoe!

The best of best friends

He’s been on the internet!

Through Snapchat with friends

Lucky and Zoe were pals

Hanging out every night

He grew skinny and meowed

But was happy and snuggled tight

Now Lucky has moved on

Oh what a life he has lived

He’s had the best friends and family

But never any kids!

Raise up a glass

Hold it strong and high

Cheers to YOU Lucky!

As you look down on us from the sky



GSP sleeping
Mum didn’t come home last night.  I slept in our bed all alone.  My human sister stayed home to let me out and feed me but she doesn’t sleep with me.  She sleeps with my feline brother.  Since he likes to play “Scratch my eyes out” I don’t like to go into their room.  When mommy isn’t home at night there are lots of weird noises that wake me up all night.  Today, I got so excited when I her mum’s car pull up on the feline brotherdriveway.  I know she doesn’t like me jumping on her but I just couldn’t help it.  I just wanted to touch her and tell her how much I missed her.  She bent down to give me a kiss at the same time I jumped up to give her a kiss.  BAM!  I don’t know why mum got upset.  Her nose couldn’t have hurt that much, after all, my head felt fine.  I ran out to help her unload the car when suddenly I caught the sweetest scent.  Wow, that must be what mum calls flowers.  She loves flowers.  I started to roll around in the scent so mum would want to Simba happycuddle with me and never let me go.  I rolled and rolled and rolled.  Back in the house mum asked, “What’s that smell?”  Then she did this funny thing picking up her feet one at a time real high to look at her shoes.  Why is she doing this?  The shoes were not new.  She wears them all the time.  Did she forget what they look like?  Mums can be funny sometimes.  Then she bent down towards me.  Here comes the hug and cuddling!  What?  What’s wrong?  Why isn’t she cuddling me?  She didn’t look happy either.  She took me outside and got me all wet with the water snake.  No!  It’s going to take the flower smell off!  Mum scratched and tickled me while holding the water snake over me.  I can’t understand why she kept repeating the word poop.  I didn’t have to poop right then.  But she would say it again and again.  I really didn’t have to poop.  I wonder why she thought I had to poop.  Yup, mums can be funny.