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A New Puppy

A New Puppy

Car ride home

Mummy brought me home a  new puppy.  She says it’s a little sister but I still think it looks like a puppy.  Mum drove 16 hours to bring Gypsy home.  Gypsy’s human dad could not afford to feed her and her brothers and sisters. Gypsy is half German Shorthair Pointer and half Tree Walker Coonhound.  She is 10 weeks old and had not visited the puppy doctor yet.  Mum took her in first thing to for her check up and vaccines.  Mum says we need to start training her.  Gypsy and I still are not sure of each other.  She seems a little shy or scared and runs away from me when I want to play.

Gypsypuppy Gypsy puppy




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