Simba's Adventures



Okay, the snow was fun at first.  I don’t know about you, but I am getting very tired of the cold.PLAYING BALL  More snow?  They are calling for over 12” starting tomorrow.  It is bad enough my green carpet to pee on is gone.  The last storm was frozen rain.  All the snow is now covered by a nice layer of ice.  Try pooping while your legs are all sliding in opposite directions.  Trying to find the right spot is awful.  I try to be careful as I search for that perfect spot, sliding and sinking looking like a klutz.  I feel sorry for my step brother, Baxter.  He only poos on the curb.  He walks up and down the sidewalk wondering where his curb went.  When he finds a little spec of curb, he continuously is sliding off as he

baxtertries to do his business.  The other day, as I searched for my green carpet, suddenly I felt like something had taken a bite out of my front feetsies.  I got scared wondering what kind of ice monster could be under all that white stuff.  I stood up on my hind legs in the middle of the field and whined for mommy to come save me.  Mommy, who has already fallen three times on the mean ice, hurried over to me thinking that I had sprained my leg.  I stood straight up not wanting to put my front feetsies down.  They hurt so bad.  Mommy checked my legs and feet and couldn’t find anything.  She said it was the cold and checked between my toes for ice.  No ice there.  She put my feetsies between her hands and rubbed them better.  I was still afraid of the ice monster and wouldn’t put my legs down.  Mommy picked me up the best she could and carried me to the sidewalk.  There she said I needed to walk the rest of the way.  Stillgsp DOG standing straight up I looked into her eyes and winced, “No, it’s going to hurt”.  Mommy pleaded, “Simba, honey, you’re too big.  I can’t carry you all the way home.  Please try.”  So I put my legs down and limped home.  Once we got home, mommy sat on the floor and blew her warm magic breath on my feetsies.  They were all better.  And now, augh! More snow.  I think I’ll stay in bed.




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