Dog talk.
Training Tips



by Naomi Heck, M.Ed.,CBCC-KA,CPDT-KA

 When your dog starts his “back-talking” at you, just turn and leave the room withoutDog talk. further talking.  Do it immediately (at the first bark), and resist the temptation to repeat your command or “reason” with him.  Go into another area and close the door behind you if possible to make your point clear. After 20 seconds, come back to him for another chance.  Repeat as needed.  Every time.   And abide by my 10 to 1 Rule – Reward good behavior 10 times more than you correct bad ones.  Teach him what to do instead of barking at you, and reward that replacement behavior more frequently than you would like for 7 straight consecutive days.  Pretty soon, he’ll change his mind when his old behaviors do not pay off or aren’t fun anymore.

trusting paws
by Naomi Heck, M.Ed., CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA
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