simba treatHumans are becoming more and more health conscious.  The new healthy lifestyles are also opening our eyes when it comes to our furry best friends.  Many pooches suffer from obesity and many other ailments like diabetes, cancer, allergies, etc.  It’s no wonder why we are looking for the best healthy dog treats.  When it comes to treats, the same rules that apply to humans apply to your pooch.  Natural is better than processed.  Store bought treats are expensive, full of chemicals, empty calories, and not healthy for you pup.  First of all let me start off by saying that most experts will tell you that human food scraps including treat should never account for more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake.  Here are some great treats that are very low in calories and you probably already have some in your refrigerator.  Many are surprised to find that their furry friends enjoy these treats just as much as the store bought ones.

Baby carrots
Green bean
Banana slices
Watermelon (no seeds)
Apple slices (no seeds) (no raisins, grapes, chocolate, onions can be toxic)
Air popped pop corn w/o salt or butter
Small plain rice cakes or cut them in little pieces
Cooked sweet potato without seasoning
Cucumber slices
Kale raw and/or cooked
Cooked pumpkin (Plain unseasoned pumpkin is great for the digestive track because it helps with constipation or with loose stools normalizing digestion.  I have put a tablespoon of cooked pumpkin on Simba’s food daily since she was a puppy.  As you know she suffers from IBS and the pumpkin keeps her steady.  As a puppy she suffered from hemorrhoids constantly.  The vet suggested giving her the cooked pumpkin and she hasn’t suffered from them since.  
Here is recipe I found which is one of Simba’s favorite.



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About Simba's Mom

I was born and raised in California, lived in Pennsylvania for several years, and have recently moved to Delaware. I have gone from being a teacher for 20 years to a blogger and now back to teaching but still blogging. I have a great dog named Simba. Simba is a German Shorthaired Pointer. Life with Simba is an adventure every day. I have had dogs my entire life but I have learned most about dogs living with Simba. German Shorthaired Pointers really do become your best friend. They become extremely attached and that is why they say they have the Velcro phenomenon. Simba now has a sister 8 years younger and her name is Gypsy.
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