GSP In Pink Socks

GSP In Pink Socks

I know that I’m a GSP and am supposed to like being outdoors but when my paws get cold snow packed between my toesies. I don’t like it at all. When they get too cold I hold my paws up in the air and won’t walk. Mommy has to carry me all the way down the yard to the house. She then rubs my paws and blows warm air on them until I’ll put them down and walk. So today she bought me these sockies to wear out in the snow. We’re going to try them out tomorrow morning!


Unconditional Love


Simba and her Titi

This is my Titi.  She takes care of me when mommy is away on business trips.  She even spends the night with me so that I don’t have to sleep alone.  She know how much I like to cuddle when I sleep.  The only thing is that when mommy is away I like to sleep on her side of the bed.  It helps me not miss her so much.  Titi takes good care of me.  She plays ball and frisbee with me, stirs coconut oil into my food, cuddles with me while we watch TV, and doesn’t even mind picking up extra smelly poo.  She makes me laugh when the poo bag breaks and she gets it in her pretty long nails.  She does this crazy dance shaking her hand as she runs around the yard singing loudly “OOOOO, YUK, OOOOO, YUK, YUK!”  I never heard that song before but it sure is funny to watch.

Sleepy Head

Sleepy Head

simba sleepy


Simba, now 7 1/2 years old likes to sleep in as much as mommy does.  As a pup she was up at 5 am ready to go.  Now we enjoy sleeping in on weekends but on weekdays we both struggle to get out of the comfy bed.



song “You’ve Got A Friend” by Stacey Kent


german shorthaired pointer




There are necessary items that you must have at home before you bring home a puppy or a new adult dog for that matter.  Life would have been difficult when I brought Simba home if I had not been prepared.  Simba, like my children when they were babies, was a very active puppy.  I was glad that a friend gave me ideas of what I would need ahead of time because Continue reading



itchiesSimba has suffered from allergies since she was a puppy.  Some allergies seemed to be seasonal like the rash she would get on her chin and flew (upper outer lips).  This rash would be very itchy and would end up becoming these large pimple like infected.  At first I thought it was puppy acne but she was not outgrowing it.  Then I realized it seemed to happen early spring.  I narrowed it to two possibilities, some spring weed or the lawn chemical our homeowners association would have sprayed twice a year on the lawns.  I trained her not to scratch since she was a puppy because GSP’s nails Continue reading

Natural Tick Repellent

Natural Tick Repellent

I will be trying this natural tick repellent out with Simba now that the weather has warmed up. I will update you on whether it worked for her or not.  Every year she tends to pick up one or two of the nasty critters.  I am all for going natural and staying away from those harmful chemicals.



My last post explained that I realized that Simba’s snake tongue behavior was a result of her GSPseparation anxiety.  Simba has always been a very clingy dog.  German Shorthair Pointers are known for being attached to their owner, in fact, they’re referred to as the Velcro dog.  I am no trainer but I have done some research on the area and will share what seems to work for us.  Let me begin by saying that your veterinarian should always rule out any other conditions first because dogs may exhibit symptoms of panic and anxiety when not feeling well.

Simba goes through phases with this.  It seems she is sensitive to our schedule and routine.   I have read it is common for separation anxiety to arise from abandonment or a change in household membership.  When my son moved out and my daughter started college she went through a bad period of it.  She began chewing up my drywall again which she had not done in years.  She was also started messing in the house.  Another cause can be change in schedule.  My last blog which discussed her anxiety behavior was due to my increase work hours away from the house.  Another cause of separation anxiety is change in residence.  I am planning on moving in the near future so guess what?  I believe that like many humans, Simba does not like change.  This is something we will be working on forever because change, as we all know, is inevitable.

image of GspI started off by trying to make her stay at home calm and pleasant.  I started leaving soft music on.  I leave the blinds open in my bedroom so she can occupy herself by looking out while lying on my bed.  I leave lights on during the winter if it will be dark before I get home.  I exercise her before leaving every morning by playing catch with her.  She gets a puzzle toy, as I walk out the door, with healthy treats to occupy her time.  When the kids first left, I would drive home at lunch every day to let her out and spend some time with her.  I put painter’s tarps down to prevent damage on my floors but this seemed to discourage her from wanting to soil on them.  Funny dog!  I always tell her that mommy will be back as I leave.

More severe cases of separation anxiety may need a desensitization training program.  For example, and this is just an example for more detail you should refer to our trainer Naomi at

You start off by putting on your shoes, grabbing your keys and purse (or whatever your dog picks up as pre-departure cues.  Then you sit down and watch TV or eat.  When your dog does not become anxious from this then you can move to the next step.  The next step is separation within the home, making him sit and wait while you go to the bathroom and close the door a few seconds at a time.  Yup, Simba and I also have an open door policy at home.  She has the need to come in every 2 minutes to make sure I didn’t disappear in the shower.  Once, the dog is okay with this stage you move on to an exit door.  Maybe, one that is different from the one you normally use.  Again, tell him to sit, go out for a couple of seconds and back in.  Each time you add a few more seconds.  Doing this several daily sessions on weekends and twice a day on weekdays will help calm the anxiety.  Well you get the idea.  Like I said, I am not a trainer.  Please refer to Naomi’s site or her training posts on this site which cover an abundance of training areas.




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DOG UNCONTROLLABLY LICKING HER LIPS As I was getting ready for work, Simba began to uncontrollably licking her lips.  It was as if she had peanut butter stuck on her nose.  She had done this a couple of times before … Continue reading

Mommy Misses You

My Dear Simba,

momI am having a great time on vacation but mommy misses you.  I really needed to get away to relieve some stress and relax.  I wish you could have come along.  You would have enjoyed chasing all the iguanas around.  I miss you very much.  I miss your greetings when I walk through the door.  I miss the warmth you provide sleeping next to me.  I miss your unconditional affection.  I can do no wrong in your eyes.  I am perfect in your eyes.   I miss how you make me smile and laugh.  I miss how you tilt your head as you listen to every word I say.  I miss eating dinner together.  I must admit, one thing I do not miss is being able to go to the bathroom alone, lol.  I love you.  I will be home soon.

Love, Mom