I own a German Shorthaired Pointer. Her name is Simba. Everyday is an experience living with her. Here I share some of those experiences and joys.

German Shorthair Pointers Living with a German Shorthaired Pointer Misc.


DOG ALLERGIES-NATURAL REMEDY Simba has suffered from allergies since she was a puppy.  Some allergies seemed to be seasonal like the rash she would get on her chin and flew (upper outer lips).  This rash would be very itchy and would end up becoming these large pimple like infected.  At first I thought it was […]

Living with a German Shorthaired Pointer Misc.

Definition Of A Dog

Dogs are the most amazing creatures on earth.  They are probably the only beings that love others more than themselves.   Dogs are pure innocence.  They are not capable of betrayal, jealousy, hate, meanness, or cruelty.  They are loyal without expecting anything in return.  A dog’s love and dedication is pure and comes without strings attached. […]