It’s been two months since I moved to my new home.  Yes, it now feels like home.  The first night, neither mommy nor I got very much sleep.  I kept sitting up in bed from the strange noises I would hear.  Mommy would reach over, put her arm around me and tell me it was okay and I would cuddle up against her again.  She took off work the next day to stay with me so that she could help me feel comfortable in the new house and we started our routine.  The backyard is like a 20140525_170611 my backyardhuge forest.  I used to dream of places like these but I still didn’t venture too far away from mommy.  Suddenly, between the plants out of the corner of my eye, I see a little bald man sitting on the floor just smiling at me.  Yikes!  Thank goodness for my long agile legs that jumped moving me away from the stone creature.  Mommy busted out laughing.  Why wasn’t mommy running stone man 20140726_155001 away?  I was puzzled, she didn’t seem afraid of this smiling little bald man hiding in our plants.  I circled around the tree to sneak up from behind but as soon as I got close enough to smell him I swear he move.  Yup, my legs went into automatic jump mode again.  This went on for 20 minutes as mommy sat happily being entertained.  I could pick stone manup on mommy’s vibes that she likes the little man so little man and I became friends too.  Mommy continues to work on the house as it’s still not finished.  It’s so much better now because she’s home while she’s working and we’re together.  I know it is lots of work but I’m glad mommy got the house.  When she watches me run around free and happy in the yard, she knows that she made the right choice.




gsp. new houseMommy has been telling me that we were going to move to a different house.  I really didn’t know what she was talking about.  All I knew that mommy had not been around for months.  She would rush home from work and  run in to let me out.  We would play ball for a few minutes and then she would sit on the deck with me as she had a quick cup of coffee explaining that she was fixing up a house that had a big yard I would love.  I could see that she was sad to leave me alone so much.  But more than that, I could see, how tired and sore she would be when she would get home late at night.  She  would be too tired to eat ornew house change at times but never ever too tired to give me a goodnight hug and tummy rub.  I could sense that me laying my head on her back or shoulder made her feel better because she knew that I still loved her no matter what.

After 6 months of mommy working on this house and 3 months of her working on Titi’s house prior to that (9 months total) we moved to this different house.  I was nervous and a little scared.  There was a lot going on all at the same time.  Mom stayed up the whole night putting all of our stuff in boxes and building real tall towers in the living room and dining room with them.  I stayed up with her and followed her around with tennis ball I found.  I would drop it right in front of her or in the box she was working in until it would make her laugh and she would throw the ball for me, she’s a great mom.

simba2Then mom went out and brought home one of those noise big monster truckscamp fire that I hate but love to bark at.  Why would she bring that monster home?  I think since there was so much going on, I must have been in shock or going through major anxiety and forgot to bark all day.  We had people in and out of the house all day taking stuff in and out.  Cars coming and going.  I even got to ride in the monster truck with mommy and I was just fine, it didn’t eat me or anything.  I was nervous in the new house and thought we were there temporarily.  I was waiting to go back home.  I kept pacing and didn’t sleep much the first night because of all the strange noises.  By the end of the second day, I was exhausted.  I finally crawled up on my familiar couch and slept like a baby.  I was happy to see mommy go up to bed early that night.  I cuddled with her and finally started feeling a little more at home.  That night I slept like a baby.




miss mommyMommy went away on vacation.  She was gone a very long time.  She said she was going for one week.  What she doesn’t realize is that one human week is equal to 7.6 weeks in dog time.  I really missed mommy.  I stayed home is human sister and my feline brother.  My sister took really good care of me except that she didn’t pick up my poo like mommy does.  There is a poo graveyard in the front yard that I have to tiptoe around each time I have to go.  It’s real gross.  I wonder if she doesn’t flush the toilet each time she goes, ewe!  My brother pretended he was the king of the room.  I would get a little playinglonely and go visit my sister in her room and brother cat would follow me around real close trying to intimidate me.  He doesn’t have to try too hard.  He freaks me out.  He likes to bite my ears or my skinny legs.  He’s like a hairy ninja coming out of nowhere.  I was so happy to hear mommy’s car pull up last night.  I danced around the house with as many of my stuffed toy friends that I can fit into my mouth.  Although mommy was tired of traveling all day, she still took time to play, kiss and cuddle me.  I love my mommy.  Mommy said I am going to have to be patient with the poo graveyard due to they all froze into the ice covering the grass.  So now wehave lots of poopsicles until spring.  Mommy, welcome home!

I gave mommy lots of kisses.

I gave mommy lots of kisses.



Okay, the snow was fun at first.  I don’t know about you, but I am getting very tired of the cold.PLAYING BALL  More snow?  They are calling for over 12” starting tomorrow.  It is bad enough my green carpet to pee on is gone.  The last storm was frozen rain.  All the snow is now covered by a nice layer of ice.  Try pooping while your legs are all sliding in opposite directions.  Trying to find the right spot is awful.  I try to be careful as I search for that perfect spot, sliding and sinking looking like a klutz.  I feel sorry for my step brother, Baxter.  He only poos on the curb.  He walks up and down the sidewalk wondering where his curb went.  When he finds a little spec of curb, he continuously is sliding off as he

baxtertries to do his business.  The other day, as I searched for my green carpet, suddenly I felt like something had taken a bite out of my front feetsies.  I got scared wondering what kind of ice monster could be under all that white stuff.  I stood up on my hind legs in the middle of the field and whined for mommy to come save me.  Mommy, who has already fallen three times on the mean ice, hurried over to me thinking that I had sprained my leg.  I stood straight up not wanting to put my front feetsies down.  They hurt so bad.  Mommy checked my legs and feet and couldn’t find anything.  She said it was the cold and checked between my toes for ice.  No ice there.  She put my feetsies between her hands and rubbed them better.  I was still afraid of the ice monster and wouldn’t put my legs down.  Mommy picked me up the best she could and carried me to the sidewalk.  There she said I needed to walk the rest of the way.  Stillgsp DOG standing straight up I looked into her eyes and winced, “No, it’s going to hurt”.  Mommy pleaded, “Simba, honey, you’re too big.  I can’t carry you all the way home.  Please try.”  So I put my legs down and limped home.  Once we got home, mommy sat on the floor and blew her warm magic breath on my feetsies.  They were all better.  And now, augh! More snow.  I think I’ll stay in bed.






gsp DOG  Yesterday morning, I went running out of the house for my morning run.  I stopped on the edge of the driveway waiting for mommy to say it’s okay to cross.  She looks one way, and so do I wondering what she is looking at, and then she looks the other way.  I think she may be looking for those big metal boxes that roll by real fast.  I don’t understand why she would need to look instead of just using her ears to listen for them.  She blurted “Okay, sl…”.  Before she could get her second SIMBAword out, I took one huge leap onto the road.  As I heard her second word in slow motion “Slooowwwlyyy!”, it was too late.  The mean ice on the road pushed me off my feet, hit me hard on my rump and held me down as it dragged me to the other side of SNOWthe road.  Mom screeched as she awkwardly rushed to me because the mean ice was trying to push her down too.   I felt like a turtle on its back as I tried to get the ice to let go and let me up.  Mommy came over with a worried looked on her face.  I guess she doesn’t like the mean ice either.  She rubbed my rump, checked me all over and then let me go off to play in the snow.  I PLAYING BALLlike the snow much better.  It’s soft, it tasted yummy and is not a bully.



My Titi is mom’s sister.  I really like it when she comes over to play with me.  As soon as she walks in the door, I run to the stairs next to closet where my Frisbee is kept.  She smiles and opens the door to pull the Frisbee out and a poo bag.  Actually, she pulls out 3-4 poo bags because she doesn’t like to pick up multiple poops with the same bag like mommy does.  Mommy is really good at it but Titi has really pretty long nails and sometimes they rip the bag and yup, you guessed it.  She starts running around screaming and gagging as she shakes her hand around like she’s waving to someone in outer space.  Anyhow, Titi takes good care of me and remembers to put my coat on if it’s chilly or rainy.  I love my Titi.

simba playing in the snowvideo courtesy of JT


Santa Brought Me The Best Present In The World

I have been very good this year.  I did not eat mommy’s walls or window sills.  Well, maybe a little carpet here or there.  But overall I was the best pup in the world.  I know, because mommy always tells me.  Since I was so good I asked Santa for some bigger presents.  Since I was such an angle, Santa brought me the best present in the world.  Any guesses?  Yup, Santa brought me my big human brother home for Christmas.  I don’t have a very big family but it is a great family.  brotherFor Christmas, I wanted to have everyone together.  At first I saw this tall man walking toward the front door.  I alerted mom quickly “Mom! Woof, woof, woof!”  Mom got a big smile and screamed out in happiness.  She opened the door so I could run out a protect her.  The man said my name.  I recognized the voice.  He sounded like my human brother but he looked like a grown up human.  As I got closer I saw that it was my brother!  Okay, okay, my eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be.  Don’t tell the other woofs; after all I am a hunting breed with sharp eyesight.  Before I know it my reputation will explode on facebook.  You know how some woofs are.  Anyhow, I was so happy to smell him.  Mommy was happy, big human sister was happy, we were a happy family together for Christmas.  We enjoyed our usual traditions, including making me wait until midnight to open my stocking presents.  It didn’t matter how many times I would point out my stocking or how long I sat staring at it.

I had to wait.  It was a long night and my back was starting to hurt from sitting there guarding my stocking.  Finally midnight came! I got to open my presents first.  Then everyone else opened theirs.  I tried helping my human sister open hers but she wanted no part of it.  Mommy would let me help her unwrap presents but then she wouldn’t let me play with them.  I think if I help unwrap then I should be able to play with them too.  The holidays were more than awesome and I am grateful to have such a special family that loves me enough to spend it together.




I got to spend lots of hours with mommy on Thanksgiving Day.  She even mixed some turkey in my food.  I like turkey!  Mommy spent

SimbaSAM_0322 SAM_0574the day cooking, cleaning and organizing.  It wasn’t like past Thanksgivings though.  My big human brother wasn’t home.  My human sister misses him but she doesn’t really talk about it.  Every year, as far as could remember, the three of them would spend the day decorating the tree while singing along to Christmas music and being silly.  My brother would always make mom and sis laugh.  When they were all done decorating, they would set the camera on timer and run back and forth taking funny pictures in front of the twinkling tree.  This year my sister went out driving during the day and mom never decorated the tree.  Don’t get me wrong the tree looks beautiful just as it is with its twinkling lights.  Mommy put up the lights outside too that look awesome.  Ok, I’ll say it.  My stocking isn’t up yet!!!  How is Santa going to leave me presents if my stocking isn’t up?  Big brother will be home for Christmas.  We are all really looking forward to having here with us.  I’m sure he will put my stocking up.



GSPI’m waiting for mommy to come home from work.  She works every day.  Sometimes she does not get home until it’s really dark outside.  I sit on our bed all day because it has a perfect view of the front yard and driveway.  Mommy says she sees my head pop up with ears perked up the second she drives up.  I jump off the bed and run around trying to pick up as many toys as I can fit in my mouth to greet her at the door with.  She is always so happy to see me.  I am just as happy to see her too and my whole butt wiggles uncontrollably.  Sometimes, it wiggles so hard that it makes me walk funny.  Mommy doesn’t wiggle her butt  but she shows all of her teeth when she is happy.

happiness happiness!



Last night started pulling out those big green boxes.  I know that my big Santa sock is in one of those boxes.   She pulled out the pretty tree that somehow survives without water in the basement.  I helped her by leading the way up the stairs as she carried each piece up.  I seems odd to me how three small bushes end up looking like a beautiful tree when mom is done SANTA IMG_20131107_184825with them.  She is like magic.  Every year the first week of November, we bring out the bright tree.  We don’t decorate it with balls and toys; we just make the lights glow at night.  The tree glows beautifully every night until Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving mom and my brother and sister would always spend the day decorating while wonderful smells came from the oven.  They had so much fun together.  They would joke, dance, jump up and down, laugh, take pictures,  and sit back to admire their work.  It was truly special.  Mom added new glowing balls of different shades of gray this year.  She said that this year she wanted a little more color in her life.  It looks amazing.  Do you know what this all means?  Pretty soon, my sock is going up on the fireplace and SANTA IS COMING!