Dog's Christmas EveMy family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve.  Mommy says it’s a tradition in Argentina where my Caco is from.  I get to open my presents from Santa before all my woof friends do.  A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Santa was ahead of schedule, and suddenly one morning there were presents in my stocking.  I know because I nose knock it and could hear the crinklinTitig of wrapping paper inside it.  Mom hangs 7 stockings up on the fireplace.  I have no trouble knowing which one is mine and the second that there is something in it.  Call it a gift if you like.  Mom calls it “Too smart for my own good”.  Needless to say, for two weeks I have been bouncing my stocking with my nose, sitting there guarding it, begging mom for just one early present.  She is very strict about Santa’s wishes.  Well I got my perseverance from mom so when my Titi would come over, (she can’t say no because she loves me so much), I would drag her to my stocking wincing and whining.  From the other side of the house we would hear mom let out a stern “No” and it would ruin my entire act. How do moms do that?  She wasn’t even in the same room!  I think she has secret mind reading issues.  My best present?  Big human brother came home for Christmas!  I was so surprised and excited to hear his voice as he walked through the door, I almost Big Human Brotherpeed myself (I said, almost).  I was so happy he remembered our mind probe bonding moment which I miss so much.  This Christmas Eve my human sister brought my feline brother to open his present by the tree.  First of all, he wouldn’t even open it.  Sis had to open it for him.  What’s wrong with him?  Grinch felineThat’s the best part.  Crunching the paper, guessing what might be inside, the sound of paper tearing until the surprise is finally jumps out!  I was ecstatically opening my present when suddenly my feline brother wants in on it. “What?  Go away!  You had your chance!”  I just stared him down, but he was persistent and kept coming back to interrupt my joyful unwrapping.  Really?  Who does that?  I think he deserves coal next year.  I did not let the Grinch feline get in my way of having a wonderful Christmas Eve with my great family.  I played with all of my new toys repeatedly taking turns with them.  This always makes my mommy smile and I love my mommy’s smile.





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I was born and raised in California, lived in Pennsylvania for several years, and have recently moved to Delaware. I have gone from being a teacher for 20 years to a blogger and now back to teaching but still blogging. I have a great dog named Simba. Simba is a German Shorthaired Pointer. Life with Simba is an adventure every day. I have had dogs my entire life but I have learned most about dogs living with Simba. German Shorthaired Pointers really do become your best friend. They become extremely attached and that is why they say they have the Velcro phenomenon. Simba now has a sister 8 years younger and her name is Gypsy.
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