By a dog

  •  Spring is my favorite season.  I also enjoy winter.  I love to prance around in the snow.  Mommy loves itgerman shorthaired pointer because my paws stay clean and she says cleaning up after me is easier in the snow.  She calls them poopsicles.  However, long hikes in the snow makes my footsies ache after a while.  The fall is lots of fun too.  Running in the wind and chasing floating leaves.  Summer gets kind of hot so I need to shorten my Frisbee playtime with mom, which is a bummer.  But Spring?  Oh Spring, let me tell you my favorite things about Spring.


  • It’s warm.  Not too hot, not too cold, it is just perfect.  So I don’t have to wait for mom to put my coat on in the morning when I can barely hold my pee in.  It never fails that when my back teeth are fgerman shorthaired pointerloating is when mom has trouble fastening my coat. 


  • It’s pretty.  The grass, trees, and shrubs all look awake and fluffy.  They deliver a lot more scents too.  Trees make chirping sounds and flowers make buzzing sounds.  It is just magical.


  • It’s smellier.  I guess my friends get taken out more by their humans in the Spring.  I know this because I can smell them.  They leave their scent tags behind all over the park.  This frustrates mom because my Image of german shorthaired pointer in woodsduty is to identify every single one of them.


  • It’s muddy.  I don’t understand why mom does not agree with me about how much fun it is to play and slide through mud.  It’s squishy, warm, slippery, and soft.  Running through mud is like getting a paw massage as it squeezes through my toesies. 


  • It’s fun.  First thing when mom takes me out; bunnies!!!   They sit there waiting for me to chase them.  They love to play and tease me.  They zigzag back and forth teasing me the whole time “You can’t catch me!”  I don’t want to hurt their self-esteem so I pretend I can’t catch them.  Birds cover the other side ofGERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER the field.  They patiently wait for me to run through them as they pull and eat live noodles from the grass.  I run as fast as I can right through them.  They all chirp as they laugh playfully taking flight and circling around me.  I don’t know what they are saying but I’m sure that it is how much fun they’re having with me.

I just love Spring!



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