Simba's Adventures

Furry Siblings

My furry sibling, Gypsy has really changed since we’ve moved. She doesn’t destroy the entire house everyday while mum is at work. Although she slips once in a while. Yesterday, mum was home sick and she had just opened a new box tissues. While mum slept, Gypsy decided to decorate the ENTIRE room with snow. I think mum was too sick to be angry.  She just said, “Oh no.”  That was it! That’s all she said. She grabbed a piece of the snow, put it on her nose, rolled over and went back to sleep. Gypsy now sleeps with us in our bed. She likes to sleep under the covers too. However, she doesn’t seem to need a pillow so she goes down to the bottom of the bed and lays on mum’s legs. Furry Siblings She started demanding equal time next to mum when we sit on the couch. Now, that is sometimes a problem. That spot next to mum has always been mine. Mum knows it, I know it, and Gypsy knows it (but pretends she doesn’t). She sits in front of mum making these pathetic howling sounds. She doesn’t stop and mum always ends up laughing and calling her over.  Gypsy doesn’t care that there’s no room. She just steps all over me putting her big behind down on my head if I don’t move. I still love her. ?


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