Hi, I’m Simba

                               Hi my name is Simba.

 I am a German Shorthaired Pointer. I have a great life as a dog. My mom is super. She loves me very much and sometimes worries about me too much. I must admit I do test her patience at times but we have a great relationship. Mom’s boyfriend, Tom, comes to visit me a lot. He even picks me up sometimes and takes me to his house to play.  My mom’s sister, Titi, comes over and takes me out to play ball.  I can hear her car coming before it even turns the corner.  I have lots of fun with Titi.   I also have a big brother who is very strict but loves me lots.  I have a big sister who doesn’t pay much attention to me unless mom makes her take me out because she has to work late. Sister has a cat, Lucky. She believes that cats are superior to dogs. Ha! Can you imagine that? I won’t even go there. Lucky does not like me much either. When Lucky arrived at the house, I was so excited to have a four legged friend to play with.

When I first started playing with Lucky I thought he was so cute and fluffy, kind of like my stuffed animals that squeak when you squeeze them. I learned that if I leave my squeaky toy on the floor or mommy’s stomach and then violently stab it with my nose, it squeaks the best. Mom wasn’t too happy when I would lay it on her stomach while she was sleeping and make it squeak. I thought it was great because not only would my toy squeak but mom would also make a big loud squeak at the same time. Needless to when I first met Lucky I also made him squeak. He would lay down in front of me trying to bite my toes and I had a ball shoving my nose into his belly and making him squeak. His squeak was a louder and longer than my toys. MEEEEOOOOOW!!!! However, Lucky’s idea of playing involves training for MMA fights. He kicks, punches and rushes in for the take down. Within seconds I have him clutching me by the neck on what seems to be a choke hold with his teeth and nails. Mom gets upset when she gets home and finds scars all over my face. I’m telling you, the cat goes for the eyes!

I remember at 8 weeks old I found myself in a large room with my eight brothers and sisters.  The lights flickered high above us and the floor was cold, hard and slippery.  Many people would come by to see us.   I enjoyed visitors picking me up, cuddling me against their chest and keeping me warm in their arms.  One day image of german shorthaired pointermom, Tom, and sister came to see us.  Sister begged and begged for mom to let her take one of us home.  Mom reminded her of all the responsibility that comes with a puppy.  Sister promised she would do it all including training her new pet.  Mom picked up one of my sisters.  She was a different color than me.  She was a liver color with white mixed in.  I sat in front of them looking calm and adorable.  It worked!  I caught Sister’s and Tom’s eye!  Sister picked me up and wanted to take me home.  What can I say, I am adorable.  Tom carried me home on his lap as mom drove us home.



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7 Responses to Hi, I’m Simba

  1. Simba's Mom says:

    I used to. It’s been so long that I have to research how I fixed it. I’m almost sure it was a plug-in that helped fix it.

  2. Chloe says:

    Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you provide.
    It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed material.

    Wondergul read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Googe account.

  3. Titi says:

    Hi Simba,
    I think you are so adorable and I love you very much. You are lucky to have such a wonderful mommy that loves you so much, and an Aunt like me. (he he) Continue with your wonderful ways. I know your stories will bring joy to the world.

  4. Titi says:

    Simba is adorable. I love her like my own. Love the funny stories.

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