A Dog’s New Year Resolutions:


  • I will exercise self control in the following areas:The need to meet mommy halfway when she bends down to kiss me and head-butting her.  I think her friends are starting to question her explanations of the black eyes or bruises on her face with “The dog hit me.”
  • Barking right next to mommy’s ear.  By her reaction, I don’t think she enjoys it much.image of GSP
  • Freaking out when the low battery beep starts in one of the smoke alarms.
  • Pushing down my brother cat in the attempt to make him squeak like my other toys.
  • Stretching out across the bed and then pretend to be dead asleep every time mommy gets up to go to the bathroom. dog in bed I just like hearing the funny noises mom makes when trying to push me off her side.  Sometimes, I win and she just drops down on the foot of the bed.

Pretending to pee every couple of minutes to get mommy’s attention and also a pee-treat (baby carrot, yum).

  • Squeezing in between Tom and Mom whenever they are together so that they pay all their attention to me and not each other.
  • Chasing bunnies and pretending that I can’t hear mom calling me or telling me to stop.
  • Rushing mom every morning as soon as she gets out of bed by whining very loudly.  I will try to give her 5 minutes to get ready before I start to push her along.simba
  • Eating bunny poo.  I swear they must add sweetener to it because it is just so yummy.  But it makes mommy upset because then I have pudding poo.
  • Walking as I make several piles of poo.  I thought I was being creative but mommy and Titi complain about running out of bags and having to pick up several piles with the same bag.  I say, think ahead and bring out at least 20 bags.


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