Big Sister Does Not Like Me

Mom went camping this weekend and I had to stay home.  She wanted to take me and  asked the cabin owners if I could come.  My big sister came home from college so that the house would not be empty.  My big sister does not like me.  I know she only came home because mom made her.  She’s a cat person.  Funny, she was the one who begged mom to buy me.  From the time I arrived she has given me the cold shoulder.  Maybe she is jealous because she has to share mom with me.  Maybe she wishes that her cat was as smart or pretty as me.  I can not understand why she is not friendly or playful with me.  She is also not very patient about me having to take my time sniffing out the entire park before I doo doo.  I’m smart enough to know that the sooner I doo doo the sooner I have to go back in.  Like most teenage girls, she tends to be quite moody.  So I just stay up in mom’s room being sad and missing mommy.  I look out the window waiting to see mom’s car drive up.

German shorthaired pointer waiting for momSometimes my sister makes me nervous but I tell on her by throwing up all over the carpet.  Mom got Titi, her sister, to come and take me out to play ball a few times each day.  I love my Titi.  She is always so nice and likes to play with me.  I also know that I can get away with a lot because she is gullible.  I can also get her to give me extra treats just by being cute.  She even sits in the kitchen with me before leaving so that I eat my food.  But aside from the fact that I do not get hungry when mom is not home, she does not prepare my food right. I would not tell her because she is so sweet but mom makes it real yummy.  She surprises me by putting a little peanut butter in one day or a little broth


another, etc.  When anyone else makes serves my meal, it taste like dog food.  Would you eat dog food?  I did not think so.  I sat in the kitchen staring back at her thinking, “Girl, you need to learn to cook!”  I know mom calls her every couple of hours to see how I’m doing.  Maybe if she feels guilty enough because I’m so miserable and not eating, she won’t leave me next time.  I’ll let you know if this works.  Bedtime is when I miss mom the most.  I have to sleep in that big cold bed all by myself.  Mom is like having a little heater.  She keeps me warm all night.  She also lifts up the blanket and sheet so I can easily crawl under and curl right up against her with my head on the pillow.  It’s warm, safe, soft, it’s awesome.

German shorthaired pointer sleepingI try to pull back the covers and sheets by myself but it’s not as easy.  After I pull them back and away from the pillows, I squeeze my snout under but they attach themselves to my head.  They won’t let me slide my whole body under.  The more I push forward; the more they hang on to my head.  By the time they finally let me get under, my poor nose suffers from sheet burn.  Then, it never fails that I hear noises coming from outside.  So I have to sit up to see what the noise is and then start wrestling with the covers all over again.  When mom arrived home, I was so happy to have her home again.  German shorthaired pointer sleepingWhile mom read in bed, I fell German shorthaired pointerasleep right on her so that she would not go anywhere.  We slept like that all night.  It was wonderful.

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