Froggy Says “RIBBIT”


GSPMom came home from the grocery store this morning.  I always know when she comes home from the grocery store. Yes, her green bags are a dead giveaway but mom tries to trick me sometimes.  I just get so excited as soon as I see those bags that I can’t think of anything else much less going out for a peepee.  So she leaves everything in the car and first lets me out to tinkle.   But I can smell the food all over her.  I know the green bags are in the car and in the green bags are my treats.  Sometimes, there is a very special treat or even toy in one of those green bags, wahoo!  I prance back and forth between the front door and the trunk of her car.  But mom stands stern.  My mom can be very stubborn.  She won’t get the bags out of the car until I stop and tinkle.  As she pulls each bag out of the trunk I bury my head into each one searching for my treasure.  Mom walks up the walkway and into the house carrying my body weight hanging out of the bag.  She tries to walk carefully still tripping over me as I’m guided by my head still buried in each bag she carries in.  She laughs as she drags the headless dog.  Today I got a real special surprise.

german shorthaired pointerIt’s a bright green froggy.  Froggy talks.  He only knows one word “RIBBIT” but he is so much fun to play with.  german shorthaired pointerMy favorite game to play with him is wrestling on the bed.  I jump and pounce as he tries to hide between the covers.  He has not figured out that his loud RIBBIT gives him away every time.  Froggy can


also be sneaky.  He throws himself off the bed so that I can’tgerman shorthaired pointer win.  I lean over the edge of the bed and there he is staring up at me smiling.  I let out one loud bark calling him back up to our wrestling mattress but he just smiles at me thinking that he won.  I wait a few minutes and let out another playful bark, but still nothing.  german shorthaired pointerAfter a few times, mom comes in and helps him up on the bed to continue playing.  He is great fun.  Thank you mom for my froggy




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