German Shorthaired Pointer And The Trucknormous Noisy Stomach

I had a bad stomach ache yesterday.  I didn’t feel like eating at all.  I new mom was worried by the look on her face when I wouldn’t take my treat out of her hand.  Honestly, the thought of a treat just turned my stomach, literally.  All day my stomach made these image of german shorthaired pointerloud trucknormous noises.  German Shorthaired Pointers can have stomach issues. They call it bloat or gastric dilation which if severe can be extremely dangerous.  It’s pretty much gas bubble in the stomach.  This is the second time I have experienced a mild case of bloat.  I guess we can get it by eating too fast or eating a big portion of dry dog food and then drinking water making it swell.  It can also be caused by eating right after strenuous exercise.  When my tummy aches, I don’t want to play ball.  All I want to do is eat grass.  I don’t know why I get the urge to eat grass.  If you ask me, I think it’s pretty disgusting but the craving is uncontrollable.  Mom looked up remedies.  She found that as long as it’s not a severe case where my stomach is swollen and I look to be in pain by pacing and panting she can give me Mylanta Gas or Gas X to help break up the gas bubbles.  Well, it was bad enough that I couldn’t even stand the though of a treat and now she expects me to swallow this pink yucky tablet.  I let her put it in my mouth and I waited for her to walk away.  She smiled and called me Good Girl and walked out of the kitchen.  Oh good! As she was about to turn the corner, I worked this tablet up my tongue and was able to spit it out.  The thing didn’t even begin to dissolve and made a pling sound on the tile floor that made mom stop dead in her tracks.  AUGH!  She came back and put it my mouth and this time she wouldn’t leave.  Yes, I had to swallow it.  EWE

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