Hiking In The Snow


 This morning when mommy pulled her backpack out of the closet I could barely contain my excitement.  I made sure mommy to let mommy know how excited I was in case she was thinking of hiking without me.  I helped her pack our hiking stuff into the bag by racing through her feet and in front of her as she went up and down the stairs.  Mommy is quite clumsy though.  She tends to trip a lot. I guess I just have great balance because I can run and climb right under her feet and never trip.  Our bag was packed with water, knife, fire starters, a lighter, towel, sausages and the carrots were my snacks.  I was so Simbaexcited in the car that funny squeaky noises were coming out of my mouth.  The car stopped, we arrived at the Appalachian Trail.  Tom, Man and Woman also came.  This time the trail was different.  Instead of leaves on the ground, there was snow and ice.  It was so quiet and pretty.  The sun peaked through the tall appalachian trailtrees and made the snow sparkle.  I am no longer nervous on the trail.  I run up ahead from my humans and then back to herd them along.  They can be quite slow at times.  The whole way up the trail we didn’t see any other humans and the shelter at the top was empty!  We were all excited about that.  Everyone started gathering firewood appalachian trailto make a warm fire.  I helped too.  I saw Tom sawing wood into smaller pieces so my job was to chew branches and shred them for the fire.  I enjoyed my job.  Mommy put the towel out on the shelter floor.  darlington shelterI suppose she thought that’s where I wanted to sit.  Why would I want to sit there when there was a perfectly good picnic table and benches to sit on.  Woman did not like to share the bench too much and complained about my muddy paws.  Like she didn’t have any mud on her shoes.   She also didn’t like darlington shelterit when I wanted to get to the other side of the bench to sit next to mommy.  She wouldn’t move.  I would have to push, shove and just climb over her.  Really?  Maybe, she is a cat human like my big sister.  Cat humans just don’t understand us.  It was still lots of fun and very tiring.  I was so exhausted by the time we got back to the car that I actually was able to ball up into the bucket seat of the Mini Cooper and was out the whole way home.

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