How I Love My Mommy…Let Me Count The Ways


  • I’m always so happy to see her.  I let her know that she is loved by running to the door GSPand jumping with excitement when she gets home.  Sometimes I misjudged spacing and end up knocking everything out of mom’s arms.  This works out great for me because then I can give her kisses all over her face as she bends down to pick her stuff up.
  • I hold my doo all day.  This makes mom very happy.  When mom gets home from work I make her follow me through the house to show her how I didn’t mess inside.  When we get upstairs to the bedroom, we both jump on the bed and celebrate.  We bounce on the bed joyfully trying not to knock heads.  But sometimes it just happens.
  • I love her by playing with her.  I go out and play ball or Frisbee with her.  This makes her happy and the fresh air is good for her.  I also take her on nice long walks.  I do this because I love her.GSP
  • I pay attention and listen to her when she speaks to me.  The noise that comes out of her mouth sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher but I still understand her.  I look into her eyes when she speaks to me and somehow understand everything she is saying.
  • When she is sick, I keep her warm by lying right up against her the entire time.
  • When she is sad, I stay next to her and lay my head on her lap. The wet drops that sprinkle on my forehead rolling down my nose kind of tickle but I don’t move until she feels better.
  • I wait to eat until she gets home and makes her dinner.  Then we eat together.
    German shorthaired pointer sleeping Sometimes I do get very hungry during the day so I’ll  snack on a bite or two but leave most of it for dinner time.
  • I follow her everywhere she goes so that she knows how much I love her.  I even check on her periodically when she is in the shower to make sure she is okay.
  • When  I accidently head butt or scratch her during our playtime, I press my cheek up against hers to let her know that I’m sorry.
  • On the weekends, I stay quiet in bed right next to her and let her sleep in.
  • I don’t play with mommy’s soft bunny that she leaves on the bed.  Soft bunny sleeps with both of us every night.GSP
  • I love my mommy no matter what.  It doesn’t matter what she is wearing, or if her hair is messy, or if she gets home late from work, or what her mood is, or if she is very busy.  And mommy loves me too.


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