I Help Mom Make Our Bed


Mom washes our sheets and blankets twice a week.  Mom complains about my shedding.  But between you and me, so does she.  I see her long hair mixed in with mine on our pillows, but I don’t complain.  While everything is in the washer and then the dryer, mom puts another nice soft blanket on the bed so that I can lie on.  I like to lie on the bed during the day while mom is out.  I have a perfect view out of the window.  I can see everything.  I image of dogsee birds flying but they’re kind of boring to watch.  I can see people walking by with some of my woof friends.  I get excited to see my friends and I sit up straight and tall hoping that they’re coming over to play with me.  Most of the time, they’re too busy sniffing the ground to notice me up in the window.  I can see when cars drive by or park across the street.  I don’t like it when strange cars that I don’t recognize park.  This makes me jump up and bark like a lunatic.  My hair between my shoulders stands up straight.  I learned this trick from my cat-brother.  I think that the scarier and crazier I sound and look the less they will realize that I am really scared.   At night when it’s time for bed, mom and I run up to the bedroom.  She always seems to let out a big sigh of disappointment when she sees picture of dogthe stripped bed.  It’s like she forgot that she took everything off to wash.  Is that normal with humans?  Are they all forgetful?  I sit on the floor at the foot of the bed waiting for her to start making the bed.  I know that first the sheet goes on.  I wait patiently.  Then one pillowcase case goes on.  I still wait patiently.  Then the other pillowcase goes on.  I go for it!  With a big leap I land on the bed momentarily and in the same bounce leap off the bed.  I like teasing mom like this.  She stretches her arms out like a bird and announces “No, it’s not ready!”  She starts to put the second sheet on and I bounce on the bed and instantly bounce back off before she can catch me.  She runs around the bed with her arms flapping and screeching “no, no, no”.  I love this game, it is so much fun.  Since the bed is so big I run from one side to jump on to the other and mom continues flapping her arms like a bird.  I always seem to get tangled up in the sheets as I jumping off and it all comes off all over again.  Mom starts over again.  But now she spreads her feet apart thinking that dog picturesomehow I can’t get around them to jump on.  We continue to play like this for a while until she finally finishes our bed.  There is nothing better than a freshly made bed.   It’s soft, it smells good, and it isn’t covered with hair.  I always beat mom on the bed first.  So I get to enjoy the total clean and freshness first.  I like to roll and rub myself all over the nice clean bed.  It feels so good on my skin and if I leave a lot of hair on it, mom will wash it again tomorrow so that we can play “making the bed” all over again.



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3 Responses to I Help Mom Make Our Bed

  1. This is hilarious! Loved reading it. Hope to look at a lot more pages when I get the chance. I wonder where the kitty sleeps!

  2. I read this one twice with a big smile on my face.
    I have 4 dogs myself and they are always up to something. For them it’s always a game but for us humans not always lol. But still very nice article about how things are seen from dog point of view. And you are right, it’s fun 🙂
    Thanks for writing this and making my day.

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