Mom And Her Boo Boo!

My Mom And Her Boo Boo!

Mom got a big boo boo and had knee surgery.  She was worried about sleeping with me.  Let’s face it, I’m not very feminine.  I tend to take after mom, a total tomboy.  I jump up on the bed without worrying about pouncing on her because I know she is one tough cookie.  She has graciously (without striking back) endured my head butts to her nose, my accidental cuts to her skin with my sharp nails, my tripping her down the stairs because I image of german shorthaired pointer, Simbaalways have to be first, and the list goes on.  She was afraid of me jumping or plopping my body weight down on her injured knee so she decided to sleep on the couch.  I know what she was thinking…the couch is too small for both of us.  She was also thoughtful enough to take into consideration that I can be near her and sleep on the floor next to the couch.  She could have thought about herself and just closed her bedroom door to keep me out.  I have the bestest mom.  Anyhow, I knew she was hurt.  Don’t ask me how I knew.  I just got this feeling in my stomach that something was not right and that mom needed me.  When Tom brought her into the house I sensed it right away and didn’t jump on her as usual.  Tom was real worried about me jumping on her but I knew she was hurt.  She laid on the couch and I went up and put my head down on her letting her know how bad how felt for her.  I could feel her discomfort deep in my gut.  That night, I tried lying on the floor beside her but I’m just not that kind of dog.  My favorite sleeping spot is in between her legs or just right on them but that was out of the question.  I gently put one paw up next to her shoulder as she slept.  No movement!  So I snuck my other front paw up, still nothing!  Awesome!  Slowly, without bouncing the cushion I dragged my back end up laying right along side of her with my head on the pillow.  Although my long legs were hanging off the couch, there was nowhere else I would rather sleep.


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  1. Godesha Prinsloo says:

    Oh bless her heart. Aren’t we lucky to have our dogs’ love and devotion?

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