Mom Leaves Me!

Oh no!  Mom brought down the suitcase from the attic. Maybe it’s for my big sister.  Wait! No!  Mom took it into our bedroom.  This could only mean that mom is going away.  In the past by big brother would take care of me when mom was away.  But now there is no one left when mom is gone.  I don’t understand, mom knows that German Shorthaired Pointers are very attached to their parents and don’t like being alone.  I lay on top of the clothes piled on the bed.  I made sure to make her feel as guilty as I could.  I put on my best ever depressed look.  My ears down, my eyes half open and drooping sadly, and letting out a pathetic sounding sigh every few minutes.

"Simba looking sad"Suprisingly, my best acting in years went unnoticed.  Mom continued packing as she pulled clothes out from under me, folded them and put them in the suitcase.  Since she was so preoccupied to notice me, I sat up, stared her square in the face and let out a echoing bark out.  This worked!.  She stopped!  She leaned over putting her forehead on mine, looking me in the eyes and said “Now, don’t worry puppy.  Titi is going to come over to play with you every day.  She will run you, feed you and spend the night with you.”  and she kissed my nose.  I felt a little better knowing that Titi was coming over to love me.

Mom left that morning.  I had lots of fun with Titi.  We played ball, watched movies, and dogcuddled together.  I still really missed mom.  Titi did her best but she doesn’t know our routine.  The GSP breed thrives on structure.  So I wasn’t hungry and sleep either.  I kept waking Titi up.  Ok, I must admit,  I took advantage of mom not being there to get  Titi to take me outside every half hour.  This did not make her happy.  I know, because her lips were turned down and her dogbrowse scrunched together as she said, “I have to get up for work at 6 am!”.  Whatever that means.





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