My Appalachian Trail Hike

My Hike On The Appalachian Trail

Mom and Tom came to pick me up today to go on a hike.  As soon as mom said we’re going bye bye, I knew I’m going on a trip.  I got so excited it’s hard for me to stay still long enough for mom to get the harness over my head.  Today I had such good self control that I actually surprised myself.  I ran over and sat on the fourth step so mom could reach me easily.  She slipped the harness over my head.  I stood up on my hind legs and put my front paws on her chest to make it easy for her to slip my right leg through and click the harness.  I ran to the car and found Tom sitting in my seat.  I was too excited to argue and jumped in

image of Appalachian Trailthe back.  We arrived in the mountains.  I have never been in the mountains before. image of GSP hiking It was all new, strange, and scary.  I was so nervous that my poop just came out as soon as we started on the trail.  Mom whispered forcefully, “Really Simba?” As if someone would here her out there in the middle of nowhere.  She cleaned my oopsie off the trail and I cautiously continued to hike theAppalachian Trail.  There were tons and tons of trees with all different colors of yellow, orange, red and green leaves.  There were shrubs and Image of german shorthaired pointer in woodsmany ferns which I had never seen before.  My senses were on overdrive.  I was hearing sounds I had never heard and seeing things that I had never seen.  But most of all, my nose was going crazy!  So many unusual scents.  I knew some smells came from animals but they were no animals I have smelled before.  I started wondering about the animals that belonged to the scents.  What did they look like?  Were they huge hairy monsters?  Were they friendly?  Would they eat me?  The beginning of the hike was overwhelming.  I stayed very close to Tom and mom.  The trail was narrow.  I lead with Tom behind me.  I would stop to make sure mom was still there.  I would go back every couple ofAppalachian Trail image minutes to herd mom in and make sure she was keeping up.  Suddenly, I started freaking myself out.  I’d hear or smell something.  Sure that it was one of those huge hairy monsters coming to eat me!  I stood frozen just staring and pointing.  These monsters were really sneaky.  I could hear and smell them but I could not see them.  I ran back to mom and began jumping on her so that she would pick me up and protect me.  I jumped and jumped but she did not pick me up.  She rubbed my back and said, “Oh, it’s okay silly.  You’re too big to carry but I’m here.”  So I continued up the trail.  After about 1/3 mile in I was much more relaxed realizing that the monsters must be scared of me or they would have eaten me by now.  Now I was really enjoying this whole hiking thing.  I would run up twenty feet  ahead and image of Appalachian Trailturn around to make sure Tom and mom were still with me.  Sometimes I would have to run back to tell them to keep up.  I was running along happy as a … as a… (writer’s block but you know what I mean) and was stopped abruptly.  There was a roadblock on the trail.  What?  Why would anyone block the trail?  I was finally loving this hiking thing.  Mom and Tom started laughing as they explained that it was only a fallen tree and I needed to jump over it.  Ha?  It does not look image of Appalachian Trail like a tree to me.  Nope, it’s clearly a road block.  There must be a reason why someone put it there.  Maybe if we keep going we’ll fall of the edge of a cliff or something worst like walk into monster territory!  Tom tugged on my leash as he called me over.picture of Appalachian Trail  I pulled back, “Wait, I’m not sure about this”.  Mom bent down to help me over.  I scooted away, “No, no, I’m not ready yet.  I’ll do it by myself when I’m ready”.  Mom stepped up on the big roadblock and looked at me saying, “See it’s okay.”  I slowly put my front paws on the big, rough roadblock.  I stood still for a few moments to make sure it did not move or throw me off.  All was good so I slowly brought my back legs up and then leaped off as quickly as my body would move.  After making it through, I thought, “Okay that was not so bad.  I’m one brave cookie.  Mom must be so proud of me.”  After overcoming that astronomical challenge, nothing image of Appalachian Trailcould stop me.  We hiked a mile in and a mile out.  It was so much fun.  I hope they take me again.  I need to add ‘love hiking’ to my profile.

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