My Morning Routine

Morning Routine

I like routine as most humans do.  When my routine changes it makes my tummy upset.  I really enjoy my morning routine with mom.  It starts with the first alarm ringing.  It makes a loud buzzing sound over and over.  I jump up and am ready to go, showing my excitement with my wagging stubby tail.  Mom rolls over reaching for the alarm and turns if off.  She stops moving so I come over and stare at her by placing my nose on hers.  I watch her eyes but they don’t open.  I stay there for a good several minutes because sometimes she tries to pretend she’s asleep.  If I’m persistent enough and she’s pretending, she begins to giggle. Usually though, she instantly falls back asleep.  It’s like magic!  Just like that, poof, she’s asleep!  I drop my whole 55 pounds on her and still no movement.  I lay my head down with a loud disappointed sigh and go back to sleep too.  Back to my routine, the second alarm goes off three minutes later.  This one plays music so it’s not as annoying.  Sometimes she doesn’t move at all with the music and sometimes she rolls over and turns that one off too.  Again showing her magical ability to fall fast asleep the second her finger touches the button.  Once again, I get up and press my nose up against hers.  Image of GSP close upShe doesn’t move or giggle.  Now she’s going to be late and more importantly, I have to pee.  I start sticking my head under her pillow and with a swift jerk up her head bounces off the pillow.  It’s rather comical to watch her head bouncing. It takes several attempts until she rolls her head, opens her eyes, looks at the time and **##??!!! “OMG!!!”  She jumps out of bed.  I wait for her in image of GSPthe bathroom standing at the sink to have my teeth brushed.  She rushes in saying “Not now, I’m late!”  I don’t move and just turn my head to look her straight in the eyes thinking, ‘And whose fault is that?  Why should I be penalized?’  She gives in, “Okay, okay but we have to hurry.”  As she gets ready for work, I like to sit next to her and whine loudly.  I learned this makes her hurry because she thinks I have to go pee real bad.  I’ll tell you a secret.  I just can’t wait to go to the park to sniff out all the overnight visitors.  So we finally are ready to go out.  She hands me my ball and grabs a bag.  I run out to the end of the driveway where I’m supposed to stop and wait for her to say “Go” before I cross the street.  I really try to remember to stop because if I don’t she makes me come all the way back and then I have to sit there for several minutes before she lets me go across again.  She is such a control freak sometimes.  I don’t see what the big deal is.  Once across, I run around like a tiger that has just been freed from a cage.  I can’t explain what a great feeling it is to gallop as fast as I can, stretching out my entire body, flying through the air, feeling the wind playing with my floppy ears.  It’s awesome.  If mom feels I’m taking too much time scoping the area for new scents she reminds me, rather loudly, by saying “Go poop!”  This normally gets me focused and I do my business.  I bring her the ball and we play catch for a few minutes before going back in.  Mom serves my meal and makes her coffee.  I get so excited when I see her make her coffee because that [adsenseyu3]

means we’re going out on the deck.  Sometimes she throws me for a loop and just walks out of the front door with her coffee.  In this case, I run upstairs, jump on my bench which she set up under the bedroom window and I bark at her “Wait.  Where are you going?  You forgot our deck time?”  But she gets in her car and waves to me as she drives off.  However, most of the time we do go out on the deck and she drinks her coffee there.  She likes to watch the birds flying around and listen to the dripping noise of the fountain.  She admires her deck job and new tree.  I look around for bunnies, sniff around for bunnies, and I listen for bunnies.  Now she is ready to go to work and I’m ready to go back to sleep.

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