My Revenge

Mom went away to the beach all weekend and left me at home.  I wanted to go.  I hear her talk about the beach and it sounds like it would be so much fun.  Acres of sand to run around in, tons of seagulls to chase after, water to play in, etc.  Fun, fun, fun!  I don’t understand why I can’t go along.  I behave in car rides all the time.  I learned this the hard way.  I like to take the shot gun seat.  Mom is a bit of an aggressive driver.  But don’t tell her that, she won’t agree.  She calls it being a city driver.  Anyhow, one time I was standing in the front seat looking out of the window when she came to an abrubt stop.  Yep, BANG!  BOOM!  OUCH!  Down onto the floor I went.  I didn’t know what had just happened.  How did I end up on the floor?  I stared at her from the floor with ears down wondering if she had pushed me.  She looked concerned and helped me up asking me if I was okay.  Then I got the “I told you so” speach that we all just love to hear.  From that point on I learned to sit down in my seat.  I have much better leverage that way.  She has also learned not to stop on a dime when I’m in the car.  I also wear the seat belt now.


image of GSP dog

I’m sorry mom.

Back to the beach.  Titi came by several time to take me out to play.  She also sat with me in the kitchen while I ate because I hate eating alone.  Really, who likes eating alone?  Mom arrived home after two days away.  I was sooo happy to see her.  She played with me and spent the whole day with me.  But then the next day, she was gone again.  She says she went to work but I didn’t like being left alone again so soon.  So I left a humongous poop right on top her side of the bed.  When mom came home she took me out to play as usual.  Then she started up the stairs.  Somehow, the poop revenge didn’t seem like a good idea anymore.  I stayed behind as she went up.  I let her go into the room as I stayed behind the corner poking only my head out to watch.  As soon as I heard “OH NO!”  I slowly back my head up and knew it definately was not a good idea.  She didn’t find it funny at all.  I spent the next couple of hours walking up to her with my ears and tail down, head down, not making eye contact, trying to look very pathetic and apologitic.

She would look at me and say “No, I’m still very sad.  Leave me alone.”  So I would and try again.   Finally at bedtime she forgave me.  We have a pact to never go to bed angry.  Smartest thing we ever agreed on.

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