My Trip To Woofstock

Sunday morning I was moping around in the bedroom while mom got dressed.  She always leaves after she gets dressed and that makes me a little sad.  This morning was different.  She looked right at me and said “C’mon we’re going bye-bye.  I’m taking you to Woofstock.”  My head popped up like a jack-in-the-box.  Maybe she was kidding.  If she was, it’s a mean joke.  I stared back at her as she waited.  I knew by the smile on her face it was for real.  I jumped off the bed and raced her down the hall to the stairs, missed the corner, clonked the side of my head on the wall but that didn’t slow me down.  I jumped in the car and took my place in the front seat.  Mom opened windows and the sunroof.  My ears danced and I smiled. Image of german shorthaired pointer We made a stop.  We pickedTom up.  He opened the door and told me to get out so he can open the seat.  I waited impatiently until he gave me the green light to get back in.  I jumped in the front and try to squeeze my body into the folded seat.  Well this is awkward and uncomfortable.  And why is he still just standing there?  Then mom said, “Simba you need to get in the back.”   *!?What*!?   “Bet me!  No way!  Why me?  This is my seat!  Tom fits in the back too.”  Needless to say, I lost the argument.  So every time we stopped at a red light, I would stand up and play with german shorthaired pointerthe back of his neck and ears.  Ha, ha, ha.  When we arrived at Woofstock, there were dogs everywhere.  Small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, and gigantic dogs.  There were white, brown, black, spotted, tan, blue and pink. Ah just kidding, I wanted to make sure you were paying attention.  Actually, there were pink and blue poodles.  The poor things were spray painted by their dad.  How embarrassing! No wonder they were so bitchy.  image of poodles All the dogs were nice and calm except for the yappy poodles.  I was walking along sniffing the lab next to me when I suddenly felt something on the top of my head.  Thinking that it was mom’s hand, I casually looked up.  Holy Smoke!!!  A GIANT DRAGON!  image of great danesInstinct took over.  No I didn’t hunt him down, I ran!  Well, I ran until I was flung back by my leash like a bungee cord.  Mom tried to calm me by telling me it was a dog, a Great Dane.  I think she lied to me to make me feel better.   Dog!?*!?* My a**!  I was happy to get away with all my limbs and really did enjoy the rest of the afternoon with mom and Tom.  On the way home I didn’t care who got the front seat.  I just wanted to get in and lay down.  I was exhausted.

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