No Children For This GSP-dog

image of german shorthaired pointer dog

Simba, sticking her tongue out to all short aliens.

I remember when I was just a pup, mom was taking me for a walk and I encountered my first alien child.  I was terrified when this thing came out of nowhere holding a broom in the air and ready for attack.  Being a German Shorthaired Pointer I can run fast, so I darted the opposite way.  To my surprise the leash has a maximum length that rolls out. In mid-stride, I was abruptly snapped back.  It was like I was bungee jumping without leaving the ground.  Mom tried to calm me by telling me it is only a kid playing.  I didn’t believe her and still don’t.  These alien children smell funny, and sound funny too.  They shriek these high pitched noises that just don’t sound human.  They’re not very nice either.  They always charge towards me with arms extended, spreading their strange scents, and making high pitched noises.  It makes my hair on my back stand straight up.  I try to be brave and protect mom from the short aliens.  I show my big dog teeth and bark loudly in hopes that they turn away and give up their attack.   Mom is real brave too.  She will stand between me and them with her arms held out to stop their gruesome attach.  She is always trying to protect me.  She always succeeds in making them go away.  Thanks mom.

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