Playing Ball

Last night my Titi came over after work to take me out for a run. Mom had to work later and she knows how my back teeth are floating come 5pm. I like when Titi surprises me like that. I stand next to the closet door where mom keeps my ball and do the pointer pose so that she doesn’t forget my ball. She hands be the ball and I tear out of the front door and slide to a stop at the end of the driveway. I have to wait until they say “go” or “ok” before I cross the street. I think it has something to do with these very loud and big machines that sometimes travel by our house. Maybe they’re mean like some of the dogs I’ve met in the neighborhood. What grouches. Anyhow, back to my afternoon. I give her the ball or sometimes I swing my head so that I can throw it to her. Then I run as fast as I can so that the ball lands in my mouth and… I win. We do this over and over because I like to win. After running some, nature calls. It calls at the most inconvenient times, usually when I’m having lots of fun doing something. I don’t like it when nature calls too early because I swear that I don’t get to play ball as long. Usually after I finish my business I hear “Ok, let’s go in.” Wait! Wait! My tummy feels so much better. Now I’m comfortable. Now I really want to run. I still want to play. I don’t want to go in yet. But I usually don’t get my way. But that’s okay because I know that I always get a special treat for pooping.image of german shorthaired pointer

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