Santa Paws Came To My House!


Santa Paws dropped off lots of presents under our tree and in my stocking!  I was hoping to catch Santa.  I heard on the radio that I might see mommy kissing Santa Paws so I stuck real close to her.  But Santa was nowhere to be seen.  At our house, we celebrate Christmas at midnight on Christmas Eve.  It makes Christmas last a long time.  We all get up on Christmas Eve day morning all excited about the entire day and night.  We hang out together while mommy gets a giant (what they call turkey) ready.  If you ask me, it did not look anything like a turkey.  This was naked.  No, really!  No feathers anywhere!  I looked real hard but I couldn’t find its head or feet anywhere.  It’s a good thing that it wasn’t a real turkey because mom put it in the hot closet.  The hot closet is nasty, hot and mean.  When I was younger, mom was pulling something out of this hot closet and I thought I would help her by licking up a crumb off the open door.  OUCHY!  Of course, the next time around when she opened the door again…(you’re probably thinking I had learned my lesson) nope, I forgot and did it again.  Anyhow, back to our day.  Mommy, Caco, Tom, image of dogTiti, and the kids played games and chatted as the house filled up with the most delicious smells.  My big brother and sister are the kids.  I do not know why mommy calls them kids.  They don’t look like kids.  They are both much bigger than her.  Bro and Sis are twice as tall as mom.  They don’t talk like kids except when my sis whines because bro is trying to fart on her.  They don’t stink like image of dogkids.  There are some human things that are hard to understand.  I ran in circles trying to get one of them to pull my stocking down.  I would walk by and nudge the stocking with my nose.  I could hear the crinkling paper; what a wonderful sound.  They reminded me that I too had to wait until midnight.  We snacked, laughed, played ball, watched movies dog and stockingtogether, and ate a great dinner.  I got special treats that were very yummy.  Tom had to leave to go spend the rest of the night with his family.  I like having everyone


May I open it NOW!

around at the same time and by the look on mommy’s face, so does she.  We gathered around the tree at midnight.  Everyone was excited and full of energy, especially me.  I got to open the first gift of Christmas!  Mom took it out of my stocking and I knew simbait was finally time.  I grabbed the wrapped present gently and took it next to the tree and began to peel the paper away.  A BALL!  A BALL!  A BALL!  I got a pink ball.  Then to my surprise, mommy reached into my stocking and pulled out another present, and another, and another. presents I got a snowman but it is missing the cool stuff inside that flies out all over the living room when I play with it.  I also got a giant colorful caterpillar and a quacking duck.  I am the luckiest woof to have such an awesome family. dog and ball



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  1. Godesha Prinsloo says:

    Simba, your family is lucky to have such a delightful GSP as you. Say thanks to your mommy for writing the blog on your behalf. I really enjoy it.

  2. Picspeaks says:

    here is a good post.

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