Scary Deck

Last week, mom started taking our deck apart.  Why would she break one of my favorite places to spend time.  I love it when I see mom fixing a cup of coffee because I know I get to go on the deck with her.  From the moment I hear her picking up the coffee pot I run to the kitchen.  As mom is trying to fix her coffee, I jump as high as I can showing her my excitement.  A few times, I lost my balance and knock over mom’s cup.  I must say that she doesn’t think that is funny at all.  I can definitely pick up anger in her voice as she exclaims “Geez, Simba, really?”  I whimper and whine to make mom hurry up.  I run out and pick up as many of my toys as I can.  Sometimes, I can actually pick up five or six stuffed animals at a time.  I try to bring them all because I know they love going outside as much as I do.  Once we get outside, I circle the deck several times with all of my toys still in my mouth.  Then I run in to drop them off inside.  My big brother used to get very upset with me when I would drop them off on the deck and he had to pick them up.  I guess that would be real hard for him since he was so gigantic tall. It is a long way down for him to bend down and reach the deck.  He would leave me inside or not let me come out with my toys until I learned that I had to bring them in myself.  I guard the deck from rabbits.  Those pointy eared jumpers love to tease me.  They hop around singing, “You can’t get me, you can’t get me…”  Mom doesn’t like it when I chase them so I usually have pretty good self control.  Usually.


Back to my deck being demolished by mom.   I watched as mom pulled it apart piece by piece until there was nothing left to walk on.  I sat at the edge of the sliding glass door whining and pawing at the floor.  She would look up at me and smile “It’s going to be okay.”  OKAY? I don’t think so.   For two days the deck was off limits.  I would hear mom make her coffee and get all excited!  I would run around jumping and picking up my toys and mom would say, “Sorry, it’s not ready for you to come out.  Soon.”  She would open the door to show me the missing deck.  Last Friday, she woke up and said, “Today we’re spending the whole day together.”  She was very happy and so was I.  Little by little with a lot of loud noises she started to put my deck back.  Tom came over too!  He helped her cut wood using a very loud machine.  It was even louder than mom’s.  Finally, the deck looked finished and mom and Tom said it was safe to come out now.  But it didn’t look like my old deck.  It was shinier, smoother, and smelled different.  I wasn’t sure of this.  They called me holding out a treat.  I really wanted that treat!  I lightly laid one foot on the new deck and then back.  I tested if for a very long time.  One foot at a time.  Then two feet, then three, then four, then back.  Mom and Tom laughed as I would step out a couple of feet and then was too afraid to turn around to head back into the house.  Instead, I would backtrack backwards until I reached the living room.  I didn’t think it was quite that funny actually more like scary.  It took a couple of days for me to give it my stamp of approval for safety.  After all,  mom is always doing these crazy home improvement projects.  The last one she was working on she ended falling straight through the upstairs bathroom floor through the dining room ceiling unto to the dining room floor.  I stood at the edge of the hole looking down at her.  She frantically waved her hand saying “No, stay there, don’t jump!”  Are you serious? Jump?  Why would I jump? It sure didn’t look or sound like she had much fun jumping through.

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  1. Ben says:

    Haha! I have a GSP as well. Their curiosity is amazing sometimes. What a riot!

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