Sleepy Simba

GSP sleeping
I love sleeping as much as my mom does.  When I was a puppy I used to wake mom up every two hours.  Mom would get up and let me out.   I would run out sniffing the air and looking around for any friends to play with.  Mom, who would wait by the front door, would remind me to hurry up.  Oh ya, forgot I had to pee.  As I got older she caught on that I was more interested to see what was going on outside than pee.  She started telling me to go back to bed in a not so happy voice. Somehow I gathered that this wasn’t the right time to play or be persistent.  She figured out my schedule and does let me out at about 4:30 am.  As I got older I knew it was fruitless to try to wake her up more often.  I also started to enjoy sleeping as much as she does, and she does enjoy sleeping.  I think I enjoy it so much because I get to be close and cuddle with her.

I have a ritual every night.  While she’s reading, I start off  by circling between her legs two or three times before I just drop my whole 50 pounds down.  When she’s done reading and turns off the light I come up beside her and tug down the sheet and blanket.  She automatically lifts it with one hand and I snuggle in right up against her with my head on my very own pillow.   Weekends are the best because we both stay in bed late and then we get to
wrestle around and play before getting up.
german shorthaired pointer sleeping in bed


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3 Responses to Sleepy Simba

  1. Godesha Prinsloo says:

    Simba is quite a character, no wonder you love her so much.

    I have 3 GSP girls, Desha, Mia and Yogi, who I love with all my heart.

    Thanks for sharing Simba’s life with us.

  2. Titi says:

    I love your articles.

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