Taking Care Of Mommy

Mom are you awake?The alarm rang and rang.  Finally, mommy let out a sickly groan as she reached over and turned it off.  I sat there watching her waiting for her to get up and start getting ready for work but there was no movement.  “Hellooo, mom you should get up.”  Still nothing.


GSP  I get closer.  “Mom?  Are you awake?  You are going to be late for work.   Wakie, wakie, I need to go out!”  Suddenly she speaks, “Oh my Simba, I don’t feel well.  My throat hurts, my body hurts, my head hurts, I feel like poo.”


image of Gsp “I’m sorry you feel sick.  I can wait to go out.  You just get some rest.  I’ll lay here and wait patiently until you feel strong enough to take me out.    I waited a long, long time.  It must have been at least 2 minutes and still no movement.


imqge of GSP I can see other moms and dads out walking with my woof friends.  I want to go play too.  “Look mom, there’s snow on the ground.  My paws won’t get muddy.  Mom?  Are you better yet?”



image of Gsp Oh I’m sorry you’re not feeling better yet.  I’ll wait.  I’ll just lay right here and watch all of my neighborhood friends while they play in the snow.  Oh look, there goes Bombay with his dad.  Bombay is really enjoying the day.  He is bouncing and prancing as he always does.  Every once in a while he glances over here wondering where I am.  I bark out,  “Sorry Bombay, my mommy is sick today.  She feels like poo.”

Simba the GSPI wait.





Simba the GSPAnd I wait.




GSP Then I got a brilliant idea.  Mom needs to play.  Playing always makes everybody feel better.  I brought her my toy, my favorite toy.  It’s a chicken that doesn’t sound like a chicken.  It sounds more like a squeaking hawk.  I bring my toy so that she can play but she doesn’t move.  I throw it at her and it lands on her face.  But to my surprise, she slowly grabbed the head and slid it off her face and didn’t even open her eyes.

puppyNo, no, this is how you’re suppose to play with it.  See mom.  Mom?  Wow! She really must be sick.



puppyI laid back down right above her head so that I would be the first to know if she wakes up.   I took care of mommy all day.



Puppy I gave her hugs by laying my head down on hers to let her know how much I love her. 



GSPI tried being quiet and patient as I watched the snow fall from our bedroom window. 



GSPPeriodically, I would check her for a temperature by placing my cheek on hers.  That’s how mommy checks my human brother and sister when they get sick.  Eventually, mommy did get up to take me out and even through the ball for me.  She cuddled me and prepared my food and gave me kisses. 


GSPWe went back to bed and I lay next to her and kept her warm. 




GSPI love my mommy and she loves me too.






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4 Responses to Taking Care Of Mommy

  1. Geeten says:

    a bond that no human could match…. love u 4 legged !!

  2. Clowie says:

    It’s good of you to look after her so nicely. I hope she feels better soon.

  3. I hope your Mommy gets better real soon. You are so thoughtful taking care of her like that!


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