The Brutal Attack Of The Squirting Water


Saturday morning I knew it was finally the weekend because mommy did get up early.  I was jumping for joy when I saw her pull down her day-pack from the closet.  That usually means we’re going on a hike!  I love hiking.  All that fresh air, running free on the trail, taking in all sorts of new, strange smells.   I also get a bunch of yummy treats when we stop to grill lunch.  As I’m bouncing around mom in circles she popped my bubble by telling that today she couldn’t take me on the hike because there would be too many people that don’t like getting jumped on with muddy paws.  She finished gathering her hiking stuff as I continued trying to change her mind.  Mommy got down on her knees and hugged me and said “I can’t take you hiking but we’ll go on a short trip before I go.  We raced to the car!  Okay, I raced to the car.  Image of German Shorthaired PointerI jumped in and took my seat.  When mommy is driving, I have to be seated or I end up on the floor.  A few people say she is an aggressive driver.  Okay, I exaggerated once again, a lot of people call her an aggressive driver.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good driver.  She just grew up driving in the big city.  We stopped for gas.  This time mom left the door open so I could watch her from the car.  As I stretched my neck out of the car to see what she was doing, another car pulled up to the next pump.  A man got out and was walking passed mom.  I let out one big bark warning him that I was here to protectimage of GSP her.  After filling up we drove down the parking lot a bit and stopped behind a line of cars.  This seemed to take forever to move.  I don’t have much patience when it comes to sitting in a stationary car for extended periods of time, like long red lights.  I winced and whined telling mom that there was room for her to just go around all these cars.  But she just smiled and explained that we had to wait because the car was dirty.  There was a big box image german shorthaired pointerthat the cars would drive into.  We were finally next.  The car in front of us drove into the big box that had metal arms and giant toothbrushes everywhere.  All of a sudden, the car in the box disappears behind a thick mist floating out of the box.  I sat down in my seat and quietly stared thinking “This doesn’t look good”.  It was our turn.  Mom slowly drove our car in.  My stubby tail curled under as far as it would go.  This was scary.  All of a sudden, the machine and hoses started pounding our car with water.  The noise was so loud.  I looked up at the ceiling wondering how long our car could hold up against this attack.  Then the image of dogmetal arms spit pink whip cream at us, covering all the windows so we could not see them come at us anymore.    I stood on mom’s lap shaking like a leaf.  Mom did not seem worried and held me image of german shorthaired pointertight.  Then the pounding started again, first in the front, then on the sides, then the back, then the roof.  I could see how hard the water was beating on the car through the window mom has on the roof the car.   The noise suddenly stopped and they let mom go. We slowly drove out and went home.  I was exhausted.  What a stressful morning.  Hiking would have been so much better.


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5 Responses to The Brutal Attack Of The Squirting Water

  1. Chase says:

    Simba, I can relate. Mom takes me through the stormy box sometimes, too. I don’t mind it much anymore cuz she brings a bag of cooked chicken or beef or gets a burger from McDonalds, and every time the big spray thingy passes by my window or there’s a loud sound, she quick gives me some of that yummy meat. I’m kind of dissapointed when it’s over and there’s no more food left (I think Mom times it that way).

  2. cristina vanuchi says:

    voce é um filho maravilhos, ttoda mãe gostaria de ter. ….. muito triste com o que aconteceu. mas vc estava lá e protegeu sua mamae, voce é um heroi, bj lindo.

  3. dogscircle says:

    sorry about the quite stressful morning ordeal in the car wash Simba, its good to know that you are always there to protect your humans and they to you in return.

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