The Huge Falling Water

On Monday night there was a lot of water falling out of the sky. Mommy called it hurricane Sandy. The tone in her voice made me think she was just calling the falling water a bad word. I was getting antsy in the house. Mom usually takes me out to run several times a day but it was too windy and wet. She must have gotten tired of seeing me run circles through the living room into the hallway into the dining room as fast as I can. It’s lots of fun because the hallway and dining room have wood floors. It’s like ice skating. Sometimes I don’t quite make the turns and end of slamming into the walls. BAM!!! Then I hear, “Simba, c’mon, calm down.” Then she said, “ Ok, let’s go visit Titi for a bit. Maybe something new will help release some energy.” Titi is her sister who lives half way down our block. Mom grabs her sweatshirt and starts trying to put my arms in. Wait!!! Mom picture of german shorthaired pointermust be distracted! This goes on her arms?!?!?! She explained that I needed to stay warm on our walk to Titi’s. Fine but I look like a dork. I prayed that Bombay down the street wouldn’t see me in this. Can you imagine how embarrassing? I sat on the step pouting while mom put her raincoat on. We went outside and the wind was blowing so hard I could hardly open my eyes. Leaves were dancing violently around my head. Mom started running and I stayed real close. It was kind of scary. My head kept thinking, winds like this made Toto disappear. I started running faster! Ahh! We finally arrived at Titi’s house. I was so freaked out that I couldn’t settle down. I trotted in circles, jumping on her and mom. Mom sat on the floor trying to get me to calm down and sit with her but my heart was still beating too fast. After what seemed a very short visit mom put herimage of german shorthaired pointer sweatshirt back on me. I have to admit that it did keep me dry and warm. She opened the door and I stood by the opened door staring out at the huge falling water and dancing leaves. Na, I think I’ll stay here. Mom gave me a nudge and I found myself outside once again sure that I would be flying in the air soon. I wanted to stay at Titi’s so I stopped walking and stood still. Mom picked me up and carried me a few steps then said as she put me back down, “OMG, you’re heavy. Honey you have to walk.” But I stood my ground. Mom picked me up again and huffing and picture of german shorthaired pointerpuffing carried my whole 57 pounds back to the house. I figured with both our weights together, we would blow away like Toto. When we got home mom looked at me and laughed. She agreed that I looked silly and promised to let me go with her to pick out a raincoat for me.  Today we drove to Petco and check out the cool raincoat I picked out.  Now, that is better.



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