The White Stuff



This morning while mommy was getting dressed for work, her phone buzzed.  She walked over to look at it with puffy, half opened eyes.  Suddenly her eyes got big and round and she ran over to the window.  I ran and jumped up on my window seat as she opened the blinds.  Everything was covered with white stuff.  Big fluffy cotton balls were floating down from the sky.  It looked like when I shake my stuffed toys vigorously and fluffy white stuff floats in the air all around the room.  Then the carpet ends up looking like the grass outside looks like today.  Maybe, the angel doggies are playing with their toys up in the sky.  I wonder if they have someone to fix their toys like mommy fixes mine.  As fluff floats all over the living room, mom will say, “Oh no, you broke it.”  I know what comes next.  I have to stop playing for a while.  When I am not ready to stop playing I will lay on my toy covering it with my neck.  I push down real hard to mom can’t pull it out.  Mom will finally say, “Simba, you broke it.  You know what happens when you break your toys.  They go to the toy doctor. Now, let me have it.”  At that point I know I have no other choice so I give it to her.  Most of the time, I bring it right over to her because the sooner I give it to her the sooner I get to play again.  While she fixes it with a shiny little stick that has a string hanging on it, I sit watching patiently.  I don’t take my eyes off it for a second.  I know that if I’m patient she can fix it faster.  I love playing with my toys.  I have a lot of them and pay attention to every one of them.  They each get equal play time.  Sometimes, when I get real excited I try to pick them all up at once.  I can only pick up 5-6 at a time but I keep practicing. picture of dog with toys I wonder what the world record is for how many toys can be picked up by mouth at once?  That will be this year’s New Year’s resolution; break the toy picking up record.   Back to the cotton balls floating down from the sky.  Mom and I sat by the window marveling at the beauty for a few minutes.  Realizing that time was being wasted, I jumped up and started begging mom to take me out to play in it.  Mom quickly finished getting dressed and we went out to the park.  I ran and ran and ran.  I buried my nose in it and scooped mouthfuls of cold icy fluff.  Mom warned to not eat any yellow fluff.  I wonder why?  I wonder how the yellow ice would taste?   Maybe it is sweet and sugary and that’s why mom doesn’t want me to eat it.  She says that sugar is bad for me. picture of dog in snow Mom likes the white fluff because my feet stay clean instead of muddy like when it rains.  She also says my doo is easier to clean up when frozen.  She calls them poopsicles, lol.  We had a great time playing and inhaling the crisp clean air until she was late for work.
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  1. Godesha Prinsloo says:

    Simba is adorable and such a character too.

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