We Have Company

Mommy had company over last night.  During the day, I helped her clean up the house.  I followed her around making sure she didn’t miss any of my hair as she swept and mopped.  I entertained myself by sniffing the piles of dust and hair.  It’s amusing to watch how my little nose can make it all blow in the air.  Mom doesn’t see the funny in this.  I know because as I’m huffing and puffing into the pile, I see her galloping toward me with broom in hand as if it were a sword.  I think she’s just playing because she will put the pile together for me all over again.  Is this a test?  Anyhow, I also helped her with all my toys.  She piled them all up in a basket so that I can put them back where they belonged.  I made the living room look all pretty.  Mom reminded me several times to be good tonight and not bark or jump the company because it scares them.  How does she expect me to say hello?  First she tells me to be good and then she wants me to be rude.  It just doesn’t make sense; maybe she’s a little stressed.

Her friends, man and lady finally arrived.  I had a puppy moment and forgot about the no barking rule.  Man and lady stood by the front door pretending to be mannequins.  Ha, ha, I’m not that gullible.  I ran to get my toy to share with them.  I guess they finally realized that I wasn’t falling for the whole mannequin game so they came in.  I was happy to have people over and was good all night.  I even laid in the living room while they all had dinner.  I know that as soon as they are done eating I can come in.  Mom can’t figure out how I know the second they are done eating and it’s my secret.  I go over and mom pulls her chair back so that I can lay the front half of my body on her lap and be part of the image of german shorthaired pointerparty.  Sometimes I try to climb up and sit on her lap but it’s not very comfortable.  Man, lady, Tom and mom talked forever.  I was glad when they finally moved into the living to watch some football; my poor legs were going numb.  Periodically, I would go to man with my toy and try to share it with him but he wouldn’t put it in his mouth.  I tried several times to teach him how to grab it by shoving it into his face but he didn’t get it. image of GSP A little slow, if you know what I mean.  I would also visit the lady who seemed very comfortable and liked petting me.  Then I would go lay with mom on the floor.  I was starting to get tired.  I snuggled next to her under the blanket and would fall asleep.  Every few minutes I was awakened by a loud laugh or someone screaming at the TV.  I don’t understand why humans yell at the TV.  Someone needs to tell them that the TV is not real.  “Hellooo, it can’t hear you!”  I tried being patient for a while.  I would sit up and look at them both so that they got the message that someone was trying to sleep.  Like I said; a little slow.  They all continued to wake me up.  Now I was getting grumpy and yes, bitchy.  image of gspI would sit up; stare straight at man and growl.  Mom and Tom would tell me to lie back down.  A few minutes later I would be awakened again.  My growl got louder and bitchier each time until they finally got the message.  “I want to go to bed and mom has to come with me so you all need to go home.”   Everyone finally went home and mom and I went to bed.  It was a very good night.  Mom was happy.





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  1. Deb Hanner says:

    Hi. This was the first time I read any of your blogs. I found it quite enjoyable. If you would like to check out my facebook page it is Abbotsford Complete Canine Care. I train and do some day and extended care in my home. I am looking at surgery soon, so it has made me slow down alot. Luckily my website will be up and running soon, I look forward to that. Keep on writing such enjoyable posts!
    Take care, Deb

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