Living with a German Shorthaired Pointer Misc.

German Shorthaired Pointers Gut Instincts


Simba has always followed her gut instincts.  I have always been puzzled at how she likes some people but not others.  I don’t see a pattern at all.  It’s like she gets this vibe from someone and acts on it.  When she was young she didn’t like men too much.  She was almost afraid of them.  I couldn’t understand why.  I brought Simba home when she was almost 8weeks old so I assumed that she couldn’t have had bad experiences with men to promote this skidishness. She also doesn’t like children.  Through the years she has gotten much more accepting of men.  When we are out playing ball people love to come up to her. image of GSP and people There are some people, including men, she will run up to and throw the ball at them and waits to play.  Then others, she explodes in this loud bark trying to act fierce.  Scares the daylights out of them and me for that matter.  She likes more people than not.  I would like to know what it is about the few people that she doesn’t like.  What does she sense?  Is it a smell?  A tone of voice?  A look?  Only she knows what her gut is telling her.  Afterall, we have all had the same gut feeling when we meet someone new.

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