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going to park Mommy and Titi took me to a dog park last weekend.  We were meeting other humans with their dogs there.  We were all excited.  This was my first experience at a dog-park.  When we arrived there were two fenced in areas of the park with signs.  One side was for small dogs, under 30 pounds.  We went to the othegreeterr side because I weigh 55 pounds.  If you ask me they should have three parks because some of those big dogs were BIG!  We were greeted at the gate by the hostess dog.  We said our hello’s and I was off to greet all the humans standing around chatting.  Mommy kept telling me to go play.  I was trying but no human seem to want to play.  I turned around and saw mommy and Titi had walked away, too far for my comfort so I pranced over to them.  I made sure to stay close to them after that.  A few dogs came over to say hello but they had a funny way of doing it.  Maybe they’re what humans refer to as brown-nosers.  I GOING TO THE PARKdidn’t like that and kept my little stubby tail down as tight as I could.  There was a big dogsmommy that kept playing with her dog in a funny way.  She would start running to chase him yelling “NO HUMP, NO HUMP”.  I guess his name was No Hump.  He didn’t seem to want to play with his mommy.  He was too busy trying to dance with the other dogs.  I suppose that’s how dog dance.  I never tried it that way.  Mommy and I dance facing each other holding hands.  Titi wanted me to play so she threw my ball.  I started to chase it but out of the corner of my eye I saw a BIG dog going for it.  I gave up the chase and then was entertained watching mommy and Titi chasing the BIG dog with the ball.  Suddenly, three other BIG dogs come after me.  I ran, they ran, I ran faster, they ran faster, I ran around people and trees trying to lose them.  They were in cahoots with each other and split off trying to cut me off.  Mommy saw this and with a worried look called at the dog parkme over to her.  I saw my chance and flew over to her as fast as my legs would move.  She stood over me and protected me between her legs as she waved the Bigride home dogs away.  They knew mommy meant business so they backed away.  We decided to leave the ball behind and head out.  The car ride home was pleasantly quiet and but smelly.  Mommy asked Titi if I was releasing smelling puffs of air.  Titi said yes because those dogs scared the **** out of me.  I think she was blaming me for her puffs of air when all of a sudden Titi starts freaking!  She looked down and found dog poo smeared all over her shoes and the bottom of her pants.  A perfect ending to our first dog-park experience.

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  1. Hi Simba,

    I love playing with other dogs, but my mommy stopped taking me to the dog park after she had to pull a bully Doberman off of me while his owner stood chatting with the other owners. Mommy says going to the dog park is like playing Russian roulette. I’ve never been to Russia and I don’t like spinning, so I guess it’s not a fun game. I’m glad your mommy and Titi were watching out for you. I don’t know why humans make such a fuss over our poo. It smells good to me!


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