Gypsy Breaks Free

This dog is going to be the death of me.  She has been a gypsy since the day I picked her up.  She just want to roam free and go out to see all that she’s missing.  She has 3/4 of an acre to roam free in whenever she wants.  I have fenced it all in thinking the fence would keep her contained to my yard.  First she figured out that she could dig her way out under the fence.  I installed stakes to keep the fence down so she learned to climb the fence.  After a couple of times of having to leave work and rush home like a mad-woman to pick her up somewhere in the neighborhood in addition to being fined by the township, I installed an electric fence.  Gypsy is clever though.  She knows when the collar battery starts to run low.  I’m not sure how she does it but she stays right on top of it.  I mark my calendar so that I don’t forget to change the battery every month.  A couple of days ago, I was vacuuming and moved the table which the transmitter sits on.  I didn’t notice that one of the wires must have become loose until of course, Gypsy was nowhere to be found.  I swear, my heart just stops when I realize she’s missing.  She does give me grief but how can you look into those eyes and not love her.

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About Simba's Mom

I was born and raised in California, lived in Pennsylvania for several years, and have recently moved to Delaware. I have gone from being a teacher for 20 years to a blogger and now back to teaching but still blogging. I have a great dog named Simba. Simba is a German Shorthaired Pointer. Life with Simba is an adventure every day. I have had dogs my entire life but I have learned most about dogs living with Simba. German Shorthaired Pointers really do become your best friend. They become extremely attached and that is why they say they have the Velcro phenomenon. Simba now has a sister 8 years younger and her name is Gypsy.
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