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Gypsy The Pointer’s Blog

Gypsy The Pointer’s Blog

Remodeling The Recliner

Mum’s recliner was so boring. It was all green. No extra color whatsoever. I decided to help mum and add some splash to the recliner.

Pointer remodels recliner

She didn’t like it much when she first saw it. Actually, she behaved a bit like a child and pouted silently for hours. The next day she covered the whole recliner with the same color.  Well let me tell you, my mum is very stubborn and sometimes it takes a little effort to make her see the light.  I knew that she would like it if only she got used to it. Today when she got home from work I thought I Bored puppysaw excitement in her eyes when she saw my masterpiece. Nope, it wasn’t excitement!  When I saw Simba leave the room and take cover, I knew it was time to put myself in my crate. ?


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