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Holiday Poison For Dogs

Holiday Poison For Dogs

The holidays are almost upon us.  There will be lots of cooking, baking, and parties.  You may have family and friends over to celebrate with you.  Be aware that some people have no idea that there are foods and herbs that are very poisonous for your dog.  They may think they’re doing good by treating your dog with table scraps because it’s a special day.  Keep a watchful eye not only during your get togethers but when anyone is cooking or baking because food may be dropped or left on the counter unattended.  For example, chocolate is very toxic for your furry family member.  Here’s a list of items to watch for.

  • No/chocolate.  It is toxic to dogs and cats and can kill them.poisonous foods for dogs
  • No/alcohol.  It’s toxic to animals.  Careful  on foods that may contain alcohol like fruit bread
  • No/grapes or raisins.  They are toxic and can cause kidney failure
  • No/onions, garlic, leeks, scallions.  Can lead to toxic anemia.

Here are a few holiday foods that are okay to give your furry friend.  A piece of advice, never feed them while your sitting at the dinner table.  Put the special meal or treat in their own food bowl.

  • Yes/turkey and chicken.  Make sure to remove skin, fat and bones.  White poisonous foods for dogsmeat is best.
  • Yes/potatoes.  Careful with what may be in mashed potatoes.  No butter, onions, garlic, gravy, sour cream
  • Yes/cranberry sauce.  Keep it to small amount because of the sugar content.
  • Yes/popcorn.  Air popped corn without butter or salt makes a great treat in moderation.
  • Yes/plain green beans
  • Yes/apples but NO apple core or seeds.  Apple seeds contain a small amount of arsenic – the same thing found in rat poison


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