Simba's Adventures



I got to spend lots of hours with mommy on Thanksgiving Day.  She even mixed some turkey in my food.  I like turkey!  Mommy spent

SimbaSAM_0322 SAM_0574the day cooking, cleaning and organizing.  It wasn’t like past Thanksgivings though.  My big human brother wasn’t home.  My human sister misses him but she doesn’t really talk about it.  Every year, as far as could remember, the three of them would spend the day decorating the tree while singing along to Christmas music and being silly.  My brother would always make mom and sis laugh.  When they were all done decorating, they would set the camera on timer and run back and forth taking funny pictures in front of the twinkling tree.  This year my sister went out driving during the day and mom never decorated the tree.  Don’t get me wrong the tree looks beautiful just as it is with its twinkling lights.  Mommy put up the lights outside too that look awesome.  Ok, I’ll say it.  My stocking isn’t up yet!!!  How is Santa going to leave me presents if my stocking isn’t up?  Big brother will be home for Christmas.  We are all really looking forward to having here with us.  I’m sure he will put my stocking up.

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