Definition Of A Dog

Dogs are the most amazing creatures on earth.  They are probably the only beings that love others more than themselves.   Dogs are pure innocence.  They are not capable of image of german shorthaired pointerbetrayal, jealousy, hate, meanness, or cruelty.  They are loyal without expecting anything in return.  A dog’s love and dedication is pure and comes without strings attached.  They love us the same whether we’re poor, rich, and smart, illiterate, popular, geeky; just plain human. We are the center of their worlds.  They look up to us; they follow us, trust us and protect us.  Dogs exemplify patience.  They wait for us to come home.  They wait for us to give them time or attention, they wait for us to feed them.  Dog’s put up with our ever changing moods without complaint.  They love us when we’re happy, image of german shorthaired pointerwhen we’re sad, angry or scared.  They are quick to forgive us and continue being our truest friend.   A dog will not reject you or turn its back on you because of peer pressure.  A dog will not bully or make fun of you.  Dogs live up to the definition of best friend.  These angels placed in our lives bring such happiness and joy.  They bring us friendship and companionship.  They are always willing to play and cuddle.  They listen, cherish, respect and love us unconditionally.  Dogs give our lives meaning.  Although a dog’s life is so short compared to human life, they offer so much love and joy in such a short time.  It is as if they know that their time is limited.  They live every moment of their lives to the fullest.  Even when cuddled up napping in the middle of an afternoon, they radiate peacefulness, satisfaction and pleasure.  I ask myself, why put myself through such a loss.  I know that the relationship will be short-lived.  I know that the anguish of loosing image of german shorthaired pointermy friend is inevitable.  I know I will be heartbroken.  Why do it?  Simba has made my rainbow complete by adding a few colors that I was missing.  Tears fill my eyes when I think that she has already lived through half her life.  I then remember what she has taught me. Live each moment as if they were limited.  Be true to yourself and others and live life by submerging yourself in it.  If I chose to spare myself the anguish of loosing such a companion I would be choosing to wipe out who I am today.  I would be wiping out the lessons I have learned from this innocent being.  I would be wiping out so many smiles that she has placed on my face.   I would be wiping out the laughter she has brought me.  I would be wiping out the love, peace, trust, friendship, loyalty, and joy that I received from our lives being intertwined.  Simba has made my life complete and meaningful.  I am not saying that life would not have been good if our paths had not crossed.  I am image of german shorthaired pointermerely stating that I would not be the person I am today having missed all that she has offered me.  She has added colors to my rainbow.  She has made my rainbow complete.

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  1. Very nice piece. If you are interested I would send you a short story on my dog that is now no longer with us that got published some years ago. My current dog is 11. She still is capable of trouble-making, but has slowed down some.
    Keep us the good work.

  2. Thank you again for allowing me to re-post your wonderful article on I’ve prepared the blog but have a question before posting it:

    As of now, my blog will have an intro to your article that reads:

    On a site dedicated to the German Shorthair Pointer, we discovered a beautiful tribute to the breed, entitled “Definition of a Dog.” It was written by a woman named Yazmin [LAST NAME?} about her dog, Simba. Yazmin has kindly allowed us to re-post her comments on our blog today. We encourage our readers to check out her blog: She has lots of interesting information for all us dog lovers! Dr. B.

    I think it would add credibility if I included your last name, but I didn’t want to do that without your permission. Either way is fine with me, however. Let me know.

    Cheers! Patricia Bloom

  3. This was lovely. Our blog, “my magic dog” is primarily oriented toward service dogs, but your reflections certainly apply to these marvelous working companions. Therefore, I wonder if you would allow us to copy this posting, in its entirety, and post it on my blog: If so, please provide the credit or source needed. If you have a web or blog, please also provide the URL so that I may link this posting to you. I look forward to hearing from you — and reading more of your posts!

  4. Bonnie says:

    What you said is absolutely true!! My life,or my familys life would not be complete without our Scout,whom we got last May from a family who was deploying to Hawaai and could not take him. Scout is going to be five years old in April. He has brought us much happiness,he is more then a dog..He is our child too..We call him the middle child in the house. A wonderful companion and playmate for our 3 year old daughter who adores him so much. We never thought we would get another dog,after losing a pit bull puppy we found on the street last year with his litter mate..After loving him for a short time,and giving him all he needed he bacame very sick,and medicine was no able to help him survive. Even in the few weeks we had him,we were all so heart broken when he passed..then six monthes later Scout came into our lives,and it was as if Rex was living again. It was a God send for us..

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