I love to see mom laugh.  She is a happy person, especially when we are together.  Mom took me to work on the rental house again.  She was putting new floors in.  I was so excited in morning when I saw her packing my blanket, food, water bowl, treats and ball.  Then she grabbed the harness, “Whoopie!”  I pranced around overjoyed until I head-butted mom on the nose.  It made a loud thud sound.  Mom was not a happy mom.  “Ouch!”  Anyhow, our first stop was at Starbucks.  Mom and I sat outside on the patio waiting for Titi to bring coffee out.  I don’t like to sit on the stone, tiled or laminated floors.  So mom got me a chair to sit on while they had their coffee.  I enjoyed watching people walk and drive by but those Starbuck’s chairs sure are slippery.  I wasn’t too sure about the chair and it was making me shake a little.  When we got to the house mom started working right away.  Titi painted as mom put down new flooring.  I was so happy to be german shorthaired pointer picturethere and wanted to play.  I would bring my ball over and bounce it at mom.  Without losing sight of what she was doing she would reach for the ball and throw it back over her shoulder. It would take me seconds to chase it down and bring it right back.  Mom finally explained that she needed to focus and that we would play later outside.  Momgerman shorthaired pointer photo

needs to put a little more fun into her work so I persisted.  Since she wouldn’t catch my bouncing ball, I picked it up and placed it on her back.  There it sat nested in her hoodie.  I wondered if she didn’t realize it was there so I would shove my nose into her face to make her aware.  This made mom laugh.  The play went on for a while longer until mom, very loudly, said a four letter word.  I knew by the tone in her voice that it was time to go sit next to Titi and let mom focus on measuring and cutting the floor.  But I made her laugh.  I love when mom is happy.  It makes me very happy too.




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  1. Chase says:

    Isn’t it fun to pester humans? It’s what we GSPs do best.


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