Simba's Adventures



gsp DOG  Yesterday morning, I went running out of the house for my morning run.  I stopped on the edge of the driveway waiting for mommy to say it’s okay to cross.  She looks one way, and so do I wondering what she is looking at, and then she looks the other way.  I think she may be looking for those big metal boxes that roll by real fast.  I don’t understand why she would need to look instead of just using her ears to listen for them.  She blurted “Okay, sl…”.  Before she could get her second SIMBAword out, I took one huge leap onto the road.  As I heard her second word in slow motion “Slooowwwlyyy!”, it was too late.  The mean ice on the road pushed me off my feet, hit me hard on my rump and held me down as it dragged me to the other side of SNOWthe road.  Mom screeched as she awkwardly rushed to me because the mean ice was trying to push her down too.   I felt like a turtle on its back as I tried to get the ice to let go and let me up.  Mommy came over with a worried looked on her face.  I guess she doesn’t like the mean ice either.  She rubbed my rump, checked me all over and then let me go off to play in the snow.  I PLAYING BALLlike the snow much better.  It’s soft, it tasted yummy and is not a bully.

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