Meet My New Brother


by Simba the German Shorthaired Pointer

English Bulldogpicture of English Bulldog
This weekend mommy took me over to Tom’s house to meet my new brother.   I know when mommy says “Let’s go to Tom’s” it means I get to go on a car ride and visit Tom.  We usually all go for a walk and then watch a movie.  I really like my visits there.  When we arrived at Tom’s house, he was outside with my new brother.  His name is Baxter.  He is a four year old English Bulldog.  Mommy said he is really nice and well behaved.  Baxter was on a leash and mommy put my leash on too.  I excitedly walked over to meet him.  I was happy to see that he came over to meet me too.  We were casually greeting each other nose to nose when suddenly he got hungry.  I have never seen such a big mouth move to fast.  I jumped back wondering what kind of greeting was that?  I was ready to go on our walk and lead the way.  I could hear him make grunting noises behind me with an occasional growl.  I knew mommy would make sure to keep me safe so as a lady does so well, I completely ignored him!  I enjoyed leading the walk as I usually do.  He finally stopped making his manly growls and mom pulled me back a little so that we could walk side by side with about a 5 foot separation between us.  I think Tom and

English Bulldog

mom were hoping that we would look at each other and maybe got to know one another a little.   It didn’t work out that way.  I thought to myself, “The giant mouth dude tried to eat my nose off my face, really?”  Baxter was trying to act really cool at this point like he didn’t care that I was ignoring him, so he ignored me back.  We walked the rest of the way home looking in the opposite direction from each other.  Then he went inside the house with Tom and mom brought me back home.  Maybe it will go better next time.  It would be nice to have a brother to play with as long as he leaves my nose on my face.




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1 Response to Meet My New Brother

  1. Chase says:

    Hi Simba,

    Glad to hear you have a new brother. That snap in the face is Baxter’s way of saying “Get away from me, you’re too close”. He may have been giving other signs that said the same thing, but you missed them. That’s common especially if you aren’t familiar with another breed’s body language. Humans miss or misinterpret subtle signs all the time. On-leash greetings often don’t go well because they cause dogs to feel trapped or frustrated. I would go for a lot more parallel walks and respect Baxter’s personal space issues. Maybe in time he will come around.


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