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miss mommyMommy went away on vacation.  She was gone a very long time.  She said she was going for one week.  What she doesn’t realize is that one human week is equal to 7.6 weeks in dog time.  I really missed mommy.  I stayed home is human sister and my feline brother.  My sister took really good care of me except that she didn’t pick up my poo like mommy does.  There is a poo graveyard in the front yard that I have to tiptoe around each time I have to go.  It’s real gross.  I wonder if she doesn’t flush the toilet each time she goes, ewe!  My brother pretended he was the king of the room.  I would get a little playinglonely and go visit my sister in her room and brother cat would follow me around real close trying to intimidate me.  He doesn’t have to try too hard.  He freaks me out.  He likes to bite my ears or my skinny legs.  He’s like a hairy ninja coming out of nowhere.  I was so happy to hear mommy’s car pull up last night.  I danced around the house with as many of my stuffed toy friends that I can fit into my mouth.  Although mommy was tired of traveling all day, she still took time to play, kiss and cuddle me.  I love my mommy.  Mommy said I am going to have to be patient with the poo graveyard due to they all froze into the ice covering the grass.  So now wehave lots of poopsicles until spring.  Mommy, welcome home!

I gave mommy lots of kisses.
I gave mommy lots of kisses.
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