Mommy Is Away


picture of dogThis weekend mommy is away.  She went to visit my big human brother in Utah.  I had to stay home with my big human sister.  Usually if mom is away my Titi comes by to play with me and take me out to the park, but Titi went with mom this time.  I wanted to go with them but they took a big metal flying bird there so I couldn’t go.  I didn’t want to get out of bed.  I stayed in bed almost all day looking out the window waiting for mommy to come home.  I wasn’t even hungry so I didn’t bother eating.  Only mommy knows how to make my food yummy.  She puts a little bit of shredded cheese on it because I love cheese.  Then she sprinkles chicken broth over it which makeimage of Gsps it yummy.  My sis tried to make it right but it just wasn’t the same without mom home.  I like to eat with mom.  She eats her breakfast and I eat half my food.  Then I wait for her to come home from work and eat while she sits in the kitchen to eat her dinner.   I miss my big human brother but right now I miss my mommy more.



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2 Responses to Mommy Is Away

  1. Simba's Mom says:

    Hi Chase! You and me should get together to play while our mommies are away. My mommy is away again this week. How is your grandpa doing. I hope you mommy comes home soon. I know you really miss her. Your grandpa is in our prayers.

  2. Chase says:

    I can relate to missing your mommy, Simba. My mommy has been away for 2 weeks helping my grandpa cuz he’s sick. My big sis is walking me every day, so it’s not too bad, but there’s nothing like having your mommy with you. I got in trouble last night because my cat brother Alfie stole my human brother’s little stuffed toy cat. He’s always stealing things. He was nice enough to leave it on the floor for me to find. I had fun chewing it to shreds, but now my human brother hates me even more than he did before. I don’t get it; why doesn’t he hate Alfie?


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