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Mommy Misses You

My Dear Simba,

momI am having a great time on vacation but mommy misses you.  I really needed to get away to relieve some stress and relax.  I wish you could have come along.  You would have enjoyed chasing all the iguanas around.  I miss you very much.  I miss your greetings when I walk through the door.  I miss the warmth you provide sleeping next to me.  I miss your unconditional affection.  I can do no wrong in your eyes.  I am perfect in your eyes.   I miss how you make me smile and laugh.  I miss how you tilt your head as you listen to every word I say.  I miss eating dinner together.  I must admit, one thing I do not miss is being able to go to the bathroom alone, lol.  I love you.  I will be home soon.

Love, Mom

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