Living with a German Shorthaired Pointer Misc.

My Great Friend, Simba

When my kids were born, their dad and I would ask ourselves, “I wonder if all parents think that only their babies are beautiful and perfect?”  I sometimes wonder that about Simba.  I have had dogs all my life but none have come close to being such a part of me as Simba has.  She truly understands me, my feelings and my moods.  I can read her just as well.  Life without one another would be so empty.  Simba added to the fun of the holidays this year.  It is so wonderful to see how excited she gets and how much she appreciates everything.  She was in her glory to have the kids home and family stopping by to visit. Her older brother left yesterday and she was visibly upset.  She understands that she will not be seeing him for a while.  She whined as he was getting packed up and then sat at the window moping as she stared out after he left.  She does miss him when he is not home.  Her and I enjoy sitting on the couch reading by the lit Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music every night during the holidays.  Next week, the tree will come down and the music will stop.  We will both miss this time of year.

image of german shorthaired pointer, Simba

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