My Human Brother


I have the best human brother in the world.  No really!  I don’t like to brag about him because then all the other woofs get a little jealous.  Today I need to tell you about him because he moved away and I miss him so much.  My brother, Zk, loves me very much.  I first met him when I was 8 weeks old.  Back then he was in college and drove all the way home just to meet picture of dog in snowme.  He would come home every weekend to see me.  I would get so excited when I would hear his car driving up our street.  He would take me out to play ball but “NO CHASING BUNNIES!”  It would upset him if I took off to chase a bunny after he had driven all that way to see me.  Humans get a little jealous sometimes.  He taught me the rules when I was a puppy.  I know I can’t cross the street without him.  I can’t play with bunnies during our play time.  I can’t stand on the kitchen counter to show him where my treats are.  I guess he’s pretty smart and remembers where they are without my help.  He is also very thoughtful.  Zk would bring me home new toys and sit on the living room floor just so I can reach him.  He doesn’t like being kissed all over his face so we developed this mind-probe kind of hug where we both put our foreheads together and look into each other’s eyes.  He has the kindest eyes.  They are bright blue and you can look deep into his soul.  He likes to play tug a war with me.  He is very competitive so I have to let him think he’s winning, lol.  I also love the way he makes GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER PHOTOmy mommy smile.  He is always happy and very positive.  I can see how mommy looks at GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER PHOTOhim; she loves him very much too.  Zk moved to another state last year.  It’s not the same without him.  He comes to visit us and when he is here it’s like he never left.  The whole house seems sunnier when he is home.  And when he leaves; an empty hollowness sinks in my beating happiness, my heart.  He is the bestest big brother in the whole world and I miss him.




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6 Responses to MY HUMAN BROTHER

  1. Awww, they really seem to love eachother!!! I loveseeing people my age showing their doggy a lot of affection and real love, instead of being consumed with superficial things it seems is quite the rage these days! Very cute! Hugs leah and kirby

  2. Geeten says:

    So very true…. how our 4-legged kids feel while we are away!!
    Our only wish…. God please give us the Intelligence to fully understand and communicate with our non-vocal kids.

    “And when he leaves; an empty hollowness sinks in my beating happiness, my heart.” – Eyes get misty while reading this… very touching, indeed !!!!

  3. Dogs Circle says:

    no chasing bunnies Simba … nice to hear, and im sure your big brother feels just as lucky as you for having you, and you having him a part of each other life

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